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Zhangjiakou Changcheng Brewing(Group)Limited Liability Company Zhangjiakou Changcheng Brewing(Group)Limited Liability Company
Company profile

With the inheritance of history and continuous development, Zhangjiakou Changcheng Brewing (Group)Limited Liability Company has become a brewing enterprise group with the ability of producing 4000 tons of Daqu Liquor, 25000 tons of finished liquor, 3000 tons of wine, owning more than 2000 old cellar pits rich in microorganism and become the biggest three-layer of underground liquor store of ten thousand of tons in North China. The series of white liquor such as “Shacheng” and “Shacheng Old Vauclusian Spring” has been awarded with over 100 prizes, including King of Chinese Wine, Gold Medal in First China Food Expo, Special Gold Medal at Bangkok International Famous Wine Fair, Hong Kong International Fair Gold Medal, greatly showing the quality and status of Shacheng Old Cellar. Holding the business criterion of possessing in Hebei Province, gaining a foothold in North China and radiating across the country, Zhangjiakou Changcheng Brewing(Group) Limited Liability Company has become the corporate champion of Hebei wine and the First-class Ecological Brewing Enterprise of North China.