Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2023

    Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2023 (HIDW 2023) invites two curators, Hang Jian - famous design historian and Lu Tao - founder and chairman of MHT Design. With the theme of “Eco-friendly Design, Smart Innovation for Future”, HIDW 2023 focuses on “green, intelligent and high-end” directions to show the important role of industrial design empowering urban development and leading industry innovation, at the same time, to turn design innovation into the source power of Hebei industries transformation by discussing the developing relationship between future city and technology innovation in different views and levels. The advanced information technology realizes the 24-hour “Internet+Exhibition” and “online+offline” design service trading platform by “cloud exhibition” and “cloud live” to scale up HIDW’s spread and influence.

Past / Future

HIDW creates a multi-level and forward-looking design event covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, taking into account the traditional industries and cultural resources of Hebei Province and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and introducing the international design community around the future positioning of the Xiongan New Area and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban circle trends and thoughts. It leads the development of Hebei's industrial design with a forward-looking perspective, thus empowering Hebei's future construction.

Industry / City

Hebei is a major industrial manufacturing province with a strong foundation for industrial development. Xiongan New Area is responsible for evacuation of Beijing's non-capital functions, a high-level modern socialist city, a new engine for a modern economic system, and a national model positioning for high-quality development. HIDW attracts a group of world-renowned experts, companies and institutions in the fields of design, Internet, urban construction and other fields to gather in Xiongan New Area to discuss industrial design, service design, design thinking, and urban design at multiple levels including practice of  industrial transformation, emerging industries and future cities. 

Outcome / Value

It aims to show the design results, reflect the commercial and social value brought by the design, improve the government, enterprises, and the public's awareness of design, and gradually tap the demand.