Hebei International Industrial Design Week
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Xiongan, Hebei

Hebei International Industrial Design Week
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Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020

In recent years, cities and industries have faced unprecedented challenges because of natural disasters, environmental pollution, and resource scarcity. Entering 2020, due to the unbalanced development structure of the global industrial chain, trade disputes, COVID-19 and other issues, the daily life of human beings and the global supply chain are almost shut down. The international cooperation system urgently needs a new framework and new order, and the existing supply chain is also facing the challenge of upgrading and reorganizing.

 We are finally forced to reflect on the existing survival and development model--Can the development of the city be better connected with ecology, resources, culture and customs? What opportunities and challenges will the existing industrial foundation face when the inherent "consumption-production" model and the industrial chain are re-arranged?

Collaborating with British industrial design master Michael Young, the 3rd Hebei International Industrial Design Week will examine the future cities and industrial forms from a new perspective at this special moment, integrating talents and resources from Xiongan, Hebei-Beijing-Tianjin, innovating development models and design prospects to create a harmonious, symbiotic, inclusive and pluralistic world.

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