Design Empowers Industry
Time:October 23rd-24th, 2018
Venue:Junding Technology Park
Final review of Shijiazhuang Top Ten Excellent Industrial Design Products
International Industrial Design Forum
Visit Shijiazhuang Herbal Heaven Cultural Accessory Co., Ltd. and Junlebao Eco-pasture
Shijiazhuang Top Ten Excellent Industrial Design Product Exhibition
Design Workshop
Design innovation tour
Opening Ceremony of Hebei International Industrial Design Week - Shijiazhuang Sub-venue
Shijiazhuang “Design × Manufacture” industry matchmaking conference
Hebei Excellent Industrial Design Product Exhibition
Industrial Design Lecture
Design×Manufacture” Industrial Matchmaking Conference
Design Innovation Tour
International Industrial Design Forum
Time:09:30—12:30 October 23rd, 2018

Zhao Yubo, Dean of Shenzhen Innovation Design Institute, Chen Guoqiang, Dean of School of Art and Design, Yanshan University, Shirley Feng, Executive Vice-president and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association and Director General of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Zhang Jiuzhou, the Founder of Shenzhen XIVO Design Inc.and the Founder of Shenzhen XIVO kIDS Design Inc., Liu Yongfei, General Manager of Shenzhen Jingchu Furniture Design Co., Ltd., Chief Designer, Chinese Top Ten Excellent Furniture Designers and Industrial Artist will interpret industrial design and some relating knowledge, discuss the role of industrial design in strategic operation and development and how to build core competitiveness by industrial design. They will explain the relationship between design, culture, brand and business, helping to build cultural confidence and creating brand enterprises with international competitiveness and great influence.