Hebei International Industrial Design Week Opening Ceremony


Leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, Hebei Province and Xiongan New Area, and the president-elect of the World Design Organization are invited to deliver the speech and jointly launch the second Hebei International Industrial Design Week. Through the broadcast of the design week promotion video, the new appearance, new changes and new achievements of Hebei Province are shown since the vigorous development of industrial design. 

David Kusuma, the President-elect of the World Design Organization, Liu De, Cofounder of Xiaomi, Michael Young, Chief curator of Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020 and famous design master,  Sean Shih, China general manager of Red Dot, and Lau, Alan Tin-Lun, Managing Director, Property & Buildings MEP, Mainland China made the keynote speech with the theme of "Design's Construct of Pluriversality". They witness the grand opening of third HIDW with industrial design masters, design agency leaders, well-known technology company founders, Internet leader founders, etc. from domestic and other countries including German, America, Finland, Italian, Japan. The dialogue between experts and scholars and industry elites and the collision of ideas show the infinite charm of design.

9:30-12:00 on September 17

Rongcheng Civil Service Center, Xiongan New Area