Design Innovation Tour


The design innovation tour invites guests and design agencies to go deep into Xiongan New Area, Shijiazhuang, Dingzhou and other regions in different routes, and carry out design lectures, matchmaking meetings, investigations and researches, and design consultations in accordance with regional advantageous industries and design needs. Other activities aim to enhance the perceptual understanding of Hebei's industrial advantages by design agencies, meet the design needs of Hebei's advantageous industries, promote the design and innovation of Hebei enterprises with foreign cooperation, achieve integration with international advanced design, and use the power of design to give new momentum to the development of Hebei's advantageous industries so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Hebei's industry.

13th to 15th, September

Xiongan New Area, Shijiazhuang, Dingzhou
Design Innovation Tour

Xiongan New Area
Sep. 21

Focusing on introducing the construction of Xiongan New Area and understanding the development of local industries, a series of business visits, research and exchange activities are arranged.

Sep 13-15

Combined with the development of Shijiazhuang industry, design experts from the main venue of 2021 Hebei International Industrial Design Week are invited to participate in the Shijiazhuang sub-venue. They foucus on visiting and investigating the instrument and tools, equipment manufacturing, information technology, bio-environmental protection and other leading enterprises in the industry. 

13-15 Sep.

Based on the industrial development of Dingzhou City, design experts at home and abroad in the main venue of Xiongan New Area are organized to participate in the Dingzhou Sub-venue of the 2021 Hebei International Industrial Design Week. They investigate and cooperate with companies with design needs in Dingzhou to provide industrial design services for manufacturing enterprises and inject international and domestic advanced design forces into Dingzhou’s industrial development.