Italian Partner Country Activity


Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020 invites Italy as the guest country. The Italian Industrial Design Association organizes 12 top Italian industrial design institutions including Antonio Lanzillio & Partners, Design-ing, A'design, Masera Design Studio, EMO Design, Here Create, etc. The design pavilion composed of well-known design brands brought 400 pieces of design products covering the fields of smart home, equipment manufacturing, electronic products, transportation, space design, user interaction, etc., to present the audience of HIDW with extremely Italian minimalism, Design innovations with characteristics such as humanism.

On September 17th 14:00-17:00, "Italian Design Day" partner country activity, Eduardo Alessi, design director of Trovi Technology Co. LTD, Italy, Fang Xin, founder and business director of Italian Design-ing, Zheng Shuqi, China Marketing Manager of Here Create, Italy, and Tatiana Maria Fischer Ortiz, Business Development Manager of Italian CREATIVE CAPITAL, will focus on the cutting-edge Italian design concepts. Starting from the essence of design to the city, they deeply interpret space, East-West integration, creativity, and branding, and communicate with Hebei local manufacturing companies to promote cooperation between the two parties.

14:30-17:30 on September 17

Outdoor venue of Sports Center in Xiongan New Area