HIDW2020丨The Signing Results of the Project Matchmaking are Fruitful
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On September 20, the Signing Ceremony of the Project Matching Results for the main venue of the 3rd Hebei International Industrial Design Week was successfully held in Xiongan New Area. Xu Kehua, deputy directors of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Liu Shujun, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area, Yu Guoyi, Director of the Reform and Development Bureau of the Xiongan New Area, Ma Yun, Director of the Science and Technology Division of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Ding Jinjun, Deputy Director of the Reform and Development Bureau of the Xiongan New Area, Bi Xuefeng, Dean of The College of Design and Art, China Academy of Fine Arts, Shirley Feng, director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center and other leaders and guests witnessed the signing of the results.

Xu Kehua, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, briefly introduced the organization of activities in the main venue of this HIDW and the results of project matchmaking. He said that since the opening of this HIDW, it has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life at home and abroad. Nearly 30,000 people visited the main exhibition hall in four days. The number of participants on the online platform was nearly 9 million, and initial cooperation was reached. More than 300 agreements and 8 cooperation projects were signed, presenting a feast of cloud ecological design. HIDW is a platform for open cooperation. It is a stage for disseminating new design ideas and concepts, empowering industrial innovation, and showing the charm of design. It forms a "Week + Competition" model with the Goldreed Industrial Design Award. HIDW is a new microphone to deliver Xiongan’s voice to China and the world, a new blueprint to paint a bright future for human cities, and a new business card to build an international industrial design exchange and cooperation platform. We look forward that more design innovations continue to be born after HIDW.

Eight projects were signed at the signing ceremony. The Design Art Institute of China Academy of Art and Xiongan Future Industrial Design Research Institute signed the Xiongan Industrial Design Innovation Cooperation Project, Rongcheng County Clothing Chamber of Commerce, Rongcheng County Plush Toy Association, The Xiongan Future Industrial Design Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation project for the transformation and upgrading of Xiongan's characteristic industries. The Ladislav Sutnar College of Art and Design and the Cangzhou Industrial Design Innovation Center signed a design education linkage innovation strategy. For cooperation projects, Tianjin Venture Incubation Association and Dingzhou Industrial Design Innovation Center signed the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Design Platform Innovation Strategic Cooperation Project, Hebei Kexinbo Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hebei Shangchuang Innovation Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. signed construction machinery equipment for appearance design cooperation projects, Shijiazhuang Hanzhuo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Baihu Design Co., Ltd. signed a cloud cabin overall design cooperation project. Hengshui Railway Construction Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. and Hebei Liyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. signed a brand design cooperation project. Zhou Chenwen Zengding Porcelain Products Co., Ltd. and Hebei Riyi Technology Co., Ltd. signed a brand design cooperation project.

At the signing ceremony of the project matching results, the organizing committee held a plaque award ceremony for the exhibitors and awarded the "Best Organization Award" and "Best Exhibition Award".

With the signing ceremony of the project matchmaking results, the main venue activities of this HIDW came to a successful conclusion. Global design forces gather in the city of the future. More than 60 guests from home and abroad participated in the "Design's Construct of Pluriversality" keynote speech, Xiongan Design Forum and other activities, focusing on "Future Symbiosis, Industrial Sustainability", and centered on cities, industries, changes, and key words such as globalization, sustainability, environmental protection, and innovative thinking and discussion on the cross-border sustainable development of cities and industries with design thinking. The first Goldreed Industrial Design Award winning works exhibition and its award ceremony have become one of the main highlights of this design week, attracting more than 100 thousand domestic and foreign design, exhibitors, contestants, manufacturing, media and government representatives online and on-site to witnessed the birth of the winning works of the Million Golden Pool Award Supreme Award, and conveyed to all sectors of the society that the Goldreed Award brings together global design resources to discover the high-point positioning and advanced concept of future design, enlighten future life, and empower future cities. It will promote the extensive connection and in-depth matchmaking of Hebei's industry with global design.

The HIDW was successfully held for three consecutive years, and its brand effect gradually appeared. The international vision of "Global Design·Starting in Xiongan" gradually opened. From international pioneering design to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei specialty products, from industrial design masters to design young groups, from consumer electronics to future interaction products, it will integrate design display, concept dissemination, and project matchmaking, promote the integration of Hebei's industry with international concepts, create a diversified, cross-border, and integrated communication platform, highlighting the future, forward-looking and inclusive urban construction and development of Xiongan New Area.