HIDW2020丨A Number of Enterprises in Hebei Participated in the International Design New Product Launch Conference
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On September 19, 2020, the International Design New Product Launch Conference, as one of the 3 main events of the 3rd Hebei International Industrial Design, was held in Xiongan New Area. Many enterprises from Hebei released innovative products in the fields of health care, sports, home furnishing, and smart manufacturing.

Xu Kehua, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Ma Yun, director of the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, relevant leaders of Hebei Province, representatives of various enterprises and representatives of the news media attended the conference. At the same time, the international design new product launch conference was also registered in the official mini program of HIDW for simultaneous live broadcast.

New Product Series of Yilai Sanitary Ware 
Tangshan Monopy Porcelain Group released the new product Yilai Sanitary Ware, providing consumers with simple, practical, intelligent and economical smart toilets, faucets, bathroom cabinets and other products. It meets the needs of users in terms of beuaty, utility and safety, bringing really good bathroom for Chinese people.

The 2020 epidemic has accelerated the awakening of public health awareness, and sports health products have become a new trend in global consumption. Hebei Jintellis Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. has brought a new product Jintellis health pack with the theme of "Sports Enjoy +", including Sports products such as weight scales, arm strength machines, fitness balls, and fascia guns. Through the unified integrated design of internal and external shapes, it enhances the user's comfort, satisfies the basics of beauty, and makes the products more practical. The collection of fitness equipment enhances the public’s immunity and increases the layout of Hebei enterprises in the field of sports and health.

Under the background of the new infrastructure, the engineering machinery equipment design plan issued by Hebei Kexinbo Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Xingdou Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. , Environmental protection, consider ways to improve equipment, add industrial design elements to the working environment, use and operation methods, maintenance and transportation of road and bridge engineering equipment, improve product quality and brand image, and provide new ideas for road and bridge construction in the process of urban infrastructure choose and give Hebei manufacturing new vitality with industrial design.

Jihua 3502 Occupational Wear Co., Ltd. carried out the "Anti-epidemic Pioneer, Military Quality—Jihua 3502 Occupational Wear Co., Ltd. Emergency Medical Industry Promotion" at the international new product launch conference, demonstrating its commitment to the emergency reservation of medical industry in Hebei and the determination to develop the emergency medical market starting from Hebei.

Today, China has entered the era of Internet of Things, and the field of transportation intelligent equipment has also entered the era of intelligent manufacturing. Hebei Gaoda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation with industrial design agencies to jointly plan and explore the future of the Gaoda smart brand at the international new product launch conference, Hebei Gaoda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. released its intelligent image and products, showing its determination to become a first-class intelligent equipment provider.

International design new product launch conference is a professional and international design new product release platform created by Hebei International Industrial Design Week with an international perspective. It focuses on the promotion of global design innovation achievements, and builds a sound platform to attract more and more international brands and companies to launch innovative products with cutting-edge design trends at the conference. Chinese companies will also go international through the conferences, and bring global consumers to enrich our international market.