The 2020 HIDW Came to a Successful Conclusion!
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In 2020, the global supply chain, industrial chain, and innovation chain have been hit harder than ever due to the spread of the coronovirus and the strengthening of "anti-globalization" forces. As an important member of global economic cooperation, Hebei is going through a shifting period of growth rate, an analgesic period of structural adjustment, and a period of digestion of early stimulus policies. We must not only ensure the steady growth of the province’s industrial industry, but also think about how to achieve a transitional period, turn crisis into vitality and challenge into fighting, and enhance the competitiveness and added value of the industry.

Since 2017, the Hebei provincial government has specially issued "Several Policies and Measures on Supporting the Development of Industrial Design", which regards accelerating the development of industrial design as a new development concept and an important measure to deepen the supply-side structural reform. In the past three years, the consciousness of understanding industrial design, attaching importance to industrial design, and applying industrial design has been formed in Hebei.

The 3rd Hebei International Industrial Design Week takes "Design's Construct of Pluriversality" as its theme, attracting 352 design institutions from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. More than 3,000 design boutiques and nearly a hundred industry elites gathered in Xiongan New Area to bring a cross-border and cross-cultural design carnival. In 7 days, 12 industry events were held. Through these wonderful events, we continued to enhance province' industrial design innovation, international influence, high-quality development of manufacturing transformation, industrial development and urban development in Xiongan. 


Masters gather to discuss the ways of creating a pluriversal world

With the theme of "Design's Construct of Pluriversality", HIDW 2020 was planned by the British industrial design master Michael Young. It calls for the integration of Eastern and Western design aesthetics and technology, focuses on future urban life, and directly faces the needs of industry and urban transformation. It explores new models and paths for sustainable and innovative development of cities and industries in the future, bringing together David Kusuma, president-elect of the World Design Organization (WDO), Liu De, co-founder and senior vice president of Xiaomi Group, Michael Young, the United Kingdom industrial design master,  Patrick Lucien lapoule, French Aquitaine national industrial innovation and development expert, He Renke, Dean of the School of Design and Art, Hunan University, Han Ting, Associate Dean of the School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wang Yun, Dean of Industrial Design and Research Institute of China Academy of Art, Wang Hui, founding partner of Urbanus, Mika Roykkee, CEO of Finnish ED Design Company, and Phil, Vice President of Harvard Design Center. More than 60 industry leaders including Phil Simmons participated in a series of activities through online AR video and on-site sharing, and focused on forward-looking direction and future development trends of industrial design such as ecological design, intelligent design, green design, and service with a keynote speech event of "Design's Construct of Pluriversality". The Italy Partner Country Activity introduces Italian cutting-edge design concepts, urban planning, architectural design, and product design results; Xiongan Design Forum uses "Design's Construct of Pluriversality-Create Sustainable Developing Consumption and Ecological Models" as the theme, puts forward more constructive thinking for building a symbiotic, sustainable and livable future city, the Industrial Design Empowers Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industry Coordinated Development Conference focuses on the result of innovative industries in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, thus to create collaborative innovation.

Aiming at the travel obstruction caused by the global epidemic, several overseas guests, including the president-elect of the World Design Organization (WDO) David Kusuma, and the British industrial design master Michael Young, made the online speech through AR video. They made many golden sentences——

Golden sentences

David Kusuma, President-elect of the World Design Organization (WDO): "Meaningful design is very important. A team cannot design well, because the best result must be to combine diversity and multiple disciplines to create a multi-world."

Michael Young, the founder of Michael Young Studio (MYS): "Industrial design was combined with industry and engineering at the time. Design connects us together. Now it makes our lives better. It can help us develop our economy and generate employment."

Liu De, co-founder and senior vice president of Xiaomi Group: "In any era, once material is enriched, there will be a cultural revival. The past ten years have been the golden ten years of design, and the next ten years will be the ten years of Chinese cultural revival. It's especially a great opportunity for design culture."

Feng Changhong, Director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center: "Shenzhen is China's first design capital. People saw the dawn of design there. Xiongan is China's first future city. People will see the future of Chinese design here."

Sean Shih, General Manager of Red Dot Design China: For a city like Xiongan, the power of design is to think about how to embed social consciousness in the genes of the city. "

The highlight of the HIDW’s numerous series of speech activities is not only to bring together big names in all fields to gather in Xiongan, but more importantly, to stand in the city of the future, looking back on human development, and facing the global friction caused by the epidemic. With "Design's Construct of Pluriversality" as the theme, we'll use the power of design to break the limitations of current thinking, awaken thinking about tomorrow's manufacturing, craftsmanship, and urban catalysis, and jointly look forward to a better and diversified future world.

"In the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, the smooth holding of HIDW is undoubtedly a shocking move. Design celebrities from different countries gathered in Xiongan New Area of Hebei province online and offline, which not only shows the appeal of HIDW, but also shows the attraction of Xiongan to the world."


Online & on-site events 

Start a design carnival that never ends

As an international design week that integrates creativity and design, in addition to having cool, novel, and fun technological innovations, it also has a subversive way of presentation. This HIDW takes root downwards and blossoms upwards. With the blessing of black technology, the two-way channel connecting traditional exhibitions and digital exhibition platforms is opened up, breaking through the limitations of time and space. And it adopts the online and on-site mode of organizing exhibitions, to create an integrated ecological platform that combines online and on-site, build official mini programs and 3D immersive virtual exhibition halls, and open online commercial live broadcast rooms. People from all walks of life around the world can experience immersive exhibitions, live events, business negotiations, online transactions, intelligent customer service and other functions to create a never-ending cloud ecological design communication platform.

The online cloud platform of HIDW integrates the functions of live lectures, cloud shopping exhibitions, business matchmaking, online negotiation and transaction, etc., to realize the "zero distance" communication and interaction between online audiences and global design experts and exhibitors.

In addition, CCTV News, Tik Tok Live, Meia Live, and online cloud platforms take turns to play. Live broadcasts continues every day! A series of high-quality forums, conferences, awards ceremonies and other activities were also shown through live broadcast.

The 15W online netizens of the "CCTV News" Tik Tok followed the reporter to visit HIDW and feel the baptism of global design boutiques.


Live broadcast+promotion

Under the wave of national live broadcasts of goods, HIDW has also opened up a global live broadcast room for goods. Under the leadership of the popular anchor Jiang Jia, through three days of six live broadcasts on the Internet, we can watch and chat with big designers and let netizens understand the creative concepts and design projects of boutique design from different dimensions, and further perceive the charm of industrial design.

During the three-day live broadcast, the good design products from each booth took turns to be displayed.


Italian design agencies VS Hebei manufacturing

International exchanges and cooperation continue to upgrade

The HIDW has a strong international character since its birth. From the first Finnish guest country, the second German guest country to this year's Italian guest country, HIDW is becoming an important platform for gathering resources and strength in the global design community.

The Italian Design Association organized 12 Italian design agencies to introduce Italian design achievements in urban planning, architectural design, product design and other fields into Hebei on this year's HIDW. The Italian Guest of Honor Pavilion at the Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition exhibited 400 design boutiques in the fields of smart home, electronics, transportation, space design, and user interaction. It also brought together 4 Italian design creatives and company representatives. Focusing on the themes of city, space, integration of East and West, sharing experience in using design to promote corporate transformation and development, communicating and docking with local manufacturing companies in Hebei, and jointly imagining the development path of multi-symbiosis between Italy and Hebei.

"Be sure to bring the best and latest design works to Hebei, China." Due to the epidemic, Italian designer Antonio Lanzillo was unable to attend this year's design week. When his assistant Ma Yue left for Hebei to set up an exhibition for the design company, he told her to do so.

Antonio Lanzillo, who participated in the second HIDW, has gained a lot in 2019. The design products he brought attracted the attention of three companies from Shandong and Hebei and signed three design orders. And his proud work "Science and Technology Bench" gained fame from this, and on September 3, he won the Compasses Award, the highest prize of Italian design. Antonio Lanzillo's booth at the 3rd Design Week became a hot spot for companies to check in and negotiate.


"One Week + One Competition" model

Gathering design forces to build the city of the future

The first Goldreed Industrial Design Award Ceremony was one of the main highlights of this year's HIDW. It took 168 days to collect 8393 pieces of excellent industrial design works from 54 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, and Japan. At the award ceremony, more than 100,000 designers, exhibitors, contestants, manufacturing, media, and government representatives at home and abroad witnessed the birth of the million-dollar prize winners—"The new high-privacy and large-sized vertical sleeper EMU" won the Supreme Award for its innovative design concept of future urban travel that integrates privacy, comfort, completeness and economy.


Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Gather the world's top design to build a diversified future

At the 6,000 square-meter industrial design innovation exhibition, there were 7 major themed exhibitions, which gathered more than 3,000 design boutiques from all over the world. The novel and fun interactive experience made the audience who came to the exhibition shouted "Love".

The Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition is curated by the British industrial design master Michael Young. The theme exhibition area of "HIDW Young Talent" is also featured by Michael Young with the theme of "Design's Construct of Pluriversality: Global Young Talent", it faces the current issues of urban development, manufacturing transformation and upgrading, sustainable development, etc., through the form of dialogue with the back wave of global design, while alleviating the anxiety of the times, this form injects fresh design blood into urban development and reshapes people's confidence in globalization.

"Future Cures·2020 Asian Social Design Exhibition" selects 38 social design works from 9 countries and regions around the world, and presents diverse and inclusive social problem solutions to the public and designers in the form of physical objects + videos; interesting experiences and There are countless designs, and each exhibition area brings diversified experiences to visitors.

During the HIDW, many viewers flew from Shenzhen and Shanghai specifically to see the demeanor of the design week. Everyone also agreed with the creative and cultural environment of Hebei, "the city of the future", "multiple worlds", and "hot land of design."  are the most frequently heard word during HIDW.

What fun and interesting things happened in the 7-day on-site national carnival? Let's review it one by one with the editor!


Promote County Characteristic Industries with Industrial Design

Hebei industrial design innovation achievements bloom brilliantly

In the Hebei Industrial Design Achievement Exhibition Area of more than 1,000 square meters, 83 exhibiting companies from Hebei will be brought together, focusing on the manufacturing of equipment, transportation equipment, clothing and textiles, furniture and home furnishings, leather bags, health care, bicycles and strollers since the implantation of industrial design in Hebei. The design innovation achievements of other industries have attracted professional teams from more than 20 industries such as electronics, biology, science and technology, and urban furniture to communicate and connect. Hebei is blooming its unique charm from all aspects of design.

International Design New Product Launch Conference

Inheritance · Transformation" Hebei Industrial Design Development 2.0 Baoding Mode Strategy Press Conference


Exciting events in the sub venues

After getting 96 hours of inspiration, the sub-venue activities of HIDW started from September 21st to 23rd. Handan, Dingzhou, Shijiazhuang, Langfang and other places focused on industrial design empowering service industry, industrial design accelerating the development of characteristic industries, clothing and apparel design innovation, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei college design innovation, etc., held wonderful and distinctive activities. The journey of design innovation also starts from the future city of Xiongan, passing through Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Handan, and Dingzhou to start a journey of innovation worth remembering!

Xiongan·Design Innovation Tour

Shijiazhuang·Design Innovation Tour

Dingzhou·Design Innovation Tour

Langfang·Design Innovation Tour

Handan·Design Innovation Tour


Over 100 volunteers from Yanshan University escort the HIDW with enthusiasm and seriousness

After 3 years of hard work and struggle, HIDW has initially formed three major activities, namely "Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition", "Xiongan Design Forum", and "International New Product Launch Conference" to strengthen the external exchanges and cooperation of industrial design in our province. The important high-end brand activities will introduce the resources of design circles at home and abroad with advanced concept sharing and innovative design display, and show the design innovation and development strength and achievements of Hebei and Xiongan. Design Week mobilizes the design forces of the whole province and even the whole country, opens the door with an inclusive attitude, absorbs more high-quality design works to practice in the "city of the future", and drives the rapid development of the city, culture, and industry in the Xiongan New Area with the power of design. It will help Xiongan New Area build a global highland for high-end service industries.