The Recruitment of the 4th HIDW Has Been Fully Launched--Take a Quick Look at Its Benefits!
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The 4th Hebei International Industrial Design Week is ready for its opening in Xiongan New Area in Spetermber after a year's departure——

A whole new theme of

Interconnectedness: Design to Rekindle the World

A whole new exhibition is 

curated by British industrial design master Michael Young for a second time

The new partner country is the first country to achieve industrial design professionalism: the United Kingdom

200+ masters in design, industry, architecture and other fields are gathered

300+ central media, provincial media, industry media and new media jointly report


13+ high-end activities in the design industry

Industrial Design Innovation Achivement Exhibition with an area of 6000

300+ excellent design exhibitors at home and abroad

3000+ global excellent design products are displayed

A top event of industry exchange will be crated 

The site population flow is estimated to reach 100,000 persons

Online and on-site exposure will reach the level of million




We will create a one-stop exhibition + cooperation + procurement + interaction

to meet all business needs such as finding circles, seeking development, promoting cooperation, ovserving the forefront and further stduying 

for enterprise/design organization/manufacturing/incubator


Now we are inviting the exhibitors!Join us and you will aqcuire the following benefits——

Benefit One

The international high-end exhibition platform is provided

As a global high-end design event, HIDW is hosted by the People's Government of Hebei Province and co-organized by Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province & Management Committee of Xiongan New Area & Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center. In the past three years, multi-party linkage has promoted more than 1000+ cooperative brands/enterprises/studios including world's top design brands, leading design studios at home and abroad, outstanding domestic enterprises, Hebei characteristic industrial clusters to come to Xiongan New Area with 8000+ pieces of exhibits that bring together global design classics and trends, which will continue to provide creative inspiration for the development of Xiongan New Area and industries and even the whole country.




This year, a heavyweight curator—— British industrial design master Michael Yang will join HIDW for the second time.


Together with 3000+ global excellent design products brought by 300+ design organizations and manufacturing enterprises from 30+ countries and regions around the world, we focus on a sustainable, green ecological and personalized "Harvest in the Future" exhibition with subversive art installations, cutting-edge curatorial concepts brought by industry. Transformation and upgrading is the forward-looking direction and future development trend of industrial design.

HIDW meticulously has planned the tour route and invited leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the People's Government of Hebei Province, Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province and other related departments to visit the exhibition. Teachers and students in the universities across the country and manufacturing enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, smart home appliances, new energy, textile and medical care, will also be invited to come to the HIDW for exchanges and visits. 



At the same time, HIDW also brings together global cutting-edge design concepts and the latest practical design new products to create a "Global Design Starting in Xiongan" and a professional exhibition platform with the most commercial value in China. And several domestic and foreign enterprises will be invited to appear on the stage of the international design new product launch conference to speak out to the world and further strengthen the enterprises' international influence.



Benefit Two
High intensity and continous exposure

In the past three years, series of activities of HIDW have attracted central media such as CCTV News, China Media Group, People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China News, CINN, HEBTV, Hebei Daily, Hebei Radio and TV Station, IFENG, etc., provincial media, industry media, and nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign media such as Agence France-Presse and Reuters to report. New media and We-Media such as NetEase, Sina, Tik Tok, WeChat official account, Weibo, etc. have created a multi-angle, multi-dimensional, and multi-level marketing strategy to cover audiences of all ages and bring a exposure value of millions.



The 4th HIDW 2021, starting from Xiongan, gathers authoritative, professional, popular and other diversified media resources, covers thousands of professionals, and connects business, culture, exhibitions, and interaction in series with design, presenting a industry event that begins with design but not limited to the design. With HIDW's brand influence, it helps exhibitors to spread through the media, and further enhances the corporate reputation and brand influence.


Benefit Three

Accurate matching and cooperation

So far, the three HIDWs have reached over 1,000 preliminary cooperation items, implemented more than 500 project cooperations, facilitated the signing of 31 key cooperation projects, and realized the implementation of 24 cooperation projects. Every year, the world's top design organizations, manufacturing industries, and incubators are attracted to the HIDW site to seek business cooperation.




This year, HIDW is planning multiple events and multiple forms of precise matching activities to provide a one-stop face-to-face exhibition + cooperation + procurement + communication bridge for the world's top design organizations, manufacturing industries, incubators and exhibitors with business needs. At the same time, HIDW also builds a platform for online display and sales to realize cloud business negotiation, intelligent customer service, online transactions and other functions, reshaping a new way of global design cooperation.

Benefit Four

Multidimensional brand presence

HIDW attracts hundreds of heavyweight guests from government, design, industry, culture and other fields, and tens of thousands of professional visitors to Xiongan every year.



Promotional videos and pictures cover Times Square and all-dimensional transportation modes such as Airport, High-speed Rail, Subway, High-speed Battery, and Bus in New York, further deepening HIDW's global influence.



Exhibitor manual, HIDW show catalogue, live broadcast, and interactive activities provide exhibitors with multi-dimensional brand presence, so as to capture the favorability of heavyweight guests, professional visitors and netizens.





Benefit Five

Participation in high-end design event for free

HIDW supporting activities include opening ceremony, keynote speech, design splendid night, Xiongan Design Forum, "British Design Day" partner country activities, etc. Exhibitors can listen to the wonderful sharing for free brought by internationally renowned designers, to see the birth of the Million Industrial Design Award, to integrate into more design circles in a high-end attitude.




Master Studio

Jacob Jesen Design




Design UM








They have joined, how about you?

HIDW has main booths for sale currently, and the number is limited!



If you join HIDW, you will seize the tens of millions of design business opportunities nationwide. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join the world's top design team to "Interconnecte" and to "Rekindle the World" with design!

Overseas Booth Reservation     Manager Wang: 13933812637 

Domestic Booth Reservation   Manager Chen: 13313314081

Brand Cooperation                 Manager Wang: 19930721130