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The past one and a half years witnessed the vulnerability of the global community which was thought sound and stable before Covid-19. People realized there were numerous unimpressive “bonds” driving and connecting the already familiar world. Themed as “Interconnectedness: Design to Rekindle the World”, the strong return of Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2021 occurs in the transition from the old to the new. The HIDW connects the global design forces in Xiong’an New Era, highlights the restart of interconnection to rekindle the world and explores the interconnectedness and rebirth between design and industry, social life, science and technology, cities and nature in the backdrop of post-pandemic era by means of multilateral cooperation. 

▲G-series High-speed Train Station, Xiong’an New Area

As a "model city in the history of human development", Xiong’an New Area has always been the soul and symbol of Xiong’an New Area’s innovation and transformation. Based on this urban DNA, the key vision of HIDW2021 will continue to be managed by Michael Young Studio, with a three-dimensional intertwined 3D structure. It expresses the ideology of Xiong’an's organic symbiosis of city, industry and nature. The richly layered structure and the staggered and connected modules symbolize HIDW's future city in Xiong’an New Area.

▲Key Vision of HIDW2021

Visual Image Interpretation


Intertwine of blue and green color

The overall color of HIDW this year is mainly bright blue, which is intertwined with bright green. Blue represents its innovative gene, and green symbolizes the vitality of nature. The combination of the two creates an organic and natural 3D structure, making HIDW more energetic.


The 3D structure contains various elements such as acrylic, metal, sponge, new materials, etc., intertwined with rich and vibrant colors. The collision of graininess and glossiness adds to the whole vision the fun of overall image appreciation and split interpretation, creating precise details and unique design aesthetics.

 Module interpreting

The four modules of "H", "I", "D" and "W" (Hebei International Industrial Design Week) contain a series of elements such as science and technology, green, urban rail, architecture, culture, talents and education, which symbolize the "Five New" goals of xiongan new area, showing the new image, new mechanism, new functions, new industries and new talents of the ambitious new district, and expressing the introduction of HIDW into the world. The four elements of "H", "I", "D" and "W" are interlinked to express the power of HIDW to connect people and nature, the individual and the whole, China and the world with the power of design, to pry up the stagnant and solidified cooperation, and to welcome the new community of destiny.


No. 1 of the Five New Goals: To Build a New Images


No. 2 of the Five New Goals: To Create New Functions


No. 3 of the Five New Goals: To Develop New Industries


No. 4 of the Five New Goals: To Gather New Talents


No. 5 of the Five New Goals: To Construct New Mechanism 

HIDW Theme Interpretation 



Interconnectedness emphasizes driving the previous stalled cooperation through connection and it also showcases Xiongans great value in reaching out to the international society, serving as one of the two-swing cities of Beijing city (the other being the sub-center of Beijing city) and reflecting the era, which indicates Xiongans importance in the connection with all parties under the circular economy. 



The four modules "H", "I", "D" and "W" manifest the elements of science and technology, green environment, urban rail, architecture, culture, talents, and education, imply the "five new goals" in Xiong'an New Area.



"Rekindle" shows the enthusiasm of Xiongan's pursuit in design, and the word kindle implies the meaning of brightness and new dynamic ability, which represents the energy of Xiongan's design to drive the world forward again.


In addition,

Michael Young also designed two HIDW derivatives for HIDW, a cultural shirt and canvas bag, which are convenient for visitors to use when participating in HIDW exhibitions and in their daily lives. He hopes to convey the vigorous vitality and innovation of HIDW and Xiongan New Area through these simple and atmospheric yet distinctive derivatives, leading and connecting the world characteristics.




About Michael Young Studio

Michael Young founded Michael Young Studio (MYS) in the UK in 1994. After working in the UK and Iceland for a decade, he was attracted to Asia for his passion for advanced manufacturing technology and opened MYS in Hong Kong in 2006.Today MYS Studio is recognised as one of the most exciting and powerful design companies in Asia. The studio focuses on exploring the unique technological potential to create contemporary designs that reflect the times, and constantly challenging the boundaries of experimental design.

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