How Far does Design Go Beyond Imagination? Come to Zhihu and “Thank You for Your Invitation”!
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The widely used high-precision measuring tool

It is surprising that it is invented by Wang Mang as early as 2,000 years ago


The aircraft, armored vehicles and diving suits designed by Da Vinci are too advanced

People have to wait for another 400 years


The function of the “Nautilus submarine” depicted in Vingt mille lieues sous les mers

It is not until half a century later that the United States replicate it

The shape of the “Nautilus submarine” is even closer to that of a modern submarine

Jules Verne, the author of Vingt mille lieues sous les mers, and his artists friends imagined the world a hundred years later, which has already been realized by us






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These “magical” fantasies, which seemed bizarre and beyond the level of contemporary technology, have been integrated into every aspect of our lives today, from mobile cars, sweeping robots and MP3s to maglev trains, smartphones and drones ......From feudal agrarian dynasties to the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution to modern technological society, every development of human civilization is inseparable from the promotion of design.

And science fiction novels like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Three Body Problem have broken the ceiling of human imagination to a new level. Under the trend of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, driverless, and 5G technology, can you imagine what the future will be like 100 years from now? How will future design surpass our imagination?


Like Yugong facing the two mountains of Taihang and Wangwu, he lamented that”future generations will be endless”. He could not imagine that in the future, China's infrastructure buildings will be able to cross mountains and enter seas. Just as in Jules Verne’s imagination, a hundred years later, the postman will take a flying machine to deliver letters to people. He could not imagine that in the future, the emergence of computers and cell phones directly change the transmission of words, pictures and voices into another carrier. Just as a hundred years ago, people imagined that machines would replace manpower, how will we imagine the future design?


Before the Xiongan New Area was planned

we could not imagine

The logistics are shuttling underground

We can't imagine

Substations and Water Supply Plants can be “hidden” underground

We also can't imagine

The proportion of blue-green space in a city can be stabilized at 70%.

About the City of the Future, some people fantasize about the city of science and technology, some fantasize about cyber wind, some fantasize about artificial intelligence, and all the buildings, materials and design styles that appear in film and television dramas depict the vision of the future for us. However, Xiongan New Area's blueprint of "City of the Future" has opened a the door to a new world of green, ecological, livable and intelligent future, to which we aspire.  


As the most active frontier of global imagination, Hebei International Industrial Design Week, in cooperation with Zhihu City, launched a Q&A challenge to all design enthusiasts and brainy “imagination superheroes” nationwide in the design hotbed of Xiongan New Area - how far beyond imagination is the development of design?


Let’s take a look at the design in the historical galaxy, and we have a flash of inspiration to promote the development of human civilization, after a century, still amazing design ideas and products. Let’s talk about the magic design ideas in your head about the future world. Maybe your answer today will reveal the most glorious moment in the history of human design, or maybe your answer today will be the “prophecy” that opens the door to a new world.

Participation Methods I:

From now until October 19, scan the QR code of the poster above to jump to the interactive page of Zhihu to participate in the topic interaction.

Participation Methods II:

Log in to Zhihu App and search for “How far beyond imagination is the development of design?” to participate in the Q&A.

Q & A :

Whether you carryout science popularization activities with a show of seriousness, or open your mind to write novels, heptasyllabic,shulaibao (rhythmic storytelling to the accompaniment of clappers), or do your own design directly. There is no limit to style and subject matter here. You are welcome to speak freely.


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