What are the 16.34 Million Designers on Zhihu Asking?
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When we were young, we were often fascinated by a book called

One Hundred Thousand Whys

This book opens the door to our early years of asking

The origin of why 

Why do we need to grow taller?

Why do rabbits have four legs?

Why cant dogs talk?

Why do people evolve from apes?



However, as we get older

It seems that we wont ask those simple why any more

Instead, there are more unsolved mysteries about I

Why do I eat less, but still so fat?

Why do I always fail to get high scores even though I try very hard?

Why did my salary was gone without spending any money?

Why cant I always find someone I like?


At all stages of our lives,

We have been thinking about the present and asking about the future

There are always many questions to ask

And many doubts to solve

As the leader of the hairless 

Whether you are a rising star about to enter the design world

Or a veteran who has been the industry for years

Designers are often troubled by Party A

Why cant this black be brighter?

Why can't this circle be more square?

Why can't the design with more pure lust style?

Why can't your idea be more creative?

Why why why why why?


In 2018, the first Hebei International Industrial Design Week (hereinafter referred to as HIDW) kicked off in Xiongan New Area. 

Over the past four years, HIDW has continued to break through and empower industrial design innovation, international influence, manufacturing transformation and high-quality development of Hebei Province, and industrial development and urban construction in Xiongan.

This time, in order to be closer to the life of design lovers and bring the coolest visual effects, new guest settings and more groundbreaking design concepts back to Xiongan, Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2021 reached a cooperation with "Zhihu City" for the first time and initiated the first interactive form of "Zhihu Q&A" in design week.

HIDW will guide 1634w+ followers on the topic of "Design" and 46w followers on the topic of "Industrial Design" in Zhihu, a high-quality Q&A online community and original content platform for creators on the Chinese Internet. At the same time, the "Design Problem Challenge" was launched to all design enthusiasts nationwide to understand the design doubts and needs of designers so as to drive the development of urban design.


In order to give designers and friends

A chance to "ask reasonable questions"

This time, Hebei International Industrial Design Week, together with Zhihu platform

Jointly launched [100,000 design questions] topic interaction

To design enthusiasts from all walks of life

Speak out

 Your design professional questions

 Life amateur questions

 Provocative questions of Party A


As long as you dare to ask, there will be answers


If your questions are sharp and tough enough

The bosses you admire

The partners you work with

The good judges of talent you haven't met


Will come help you answer online! ! !

Participation Method

From now until October 20, 2021

Scan the QR code in the image below

It can jump to the interactive page of Zhihu immediately

Participate in interactive topics


Participation Method

Login to Zhihu APP, click Ask a Question


Questions with the highest number of views

Or the questions are flip-flopped and answered by the designer

Have a chance to win Design Week limited gifts

More design peripherals will be unlocked one after another