HIDW2021 | Design Reconstitution: the Post- COVID 19 Period of Taiwan Design
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One beautiful island,shows its diverse fusion of tenderness and appealingness 

From a range of fields like space, design, interaction and art

Once be mentioned

the impression of Taiwan design usually presents some features with natural spirit and humanistic feeling

Which involve in natural advocacy, environmental protection, practicability and simple aesthetics

And in recent years

Those features also symbolized Taiwan design a graceful life of aesthetics


What can not be ignored is that 

Taiwan design always shows its avant-garde, forward,literary and textured feelings

And as designers who thriving in Asian design group

Taiwan actors can bring us pleasant surprise all the time in industrial design

In each Hebei Industrial Design Week

The exhibits of TAIWAN DESIGN RESEARCH INSTITUTE can always make a striking impression

 And in this year

what it could show us?




Now,  Design affects the globe at an unprecedented rate

And the importance of role design played is increasing

 In economy, culture and society

Furthermore, a great number of other industries consider design as a core competitiveness

Which can drive enterprises 

To bring the country overall economic development.


A comprehensive platform to drive Taiwans creative industrial development

And its main task is that promote the creativity of designers to proceed design policies making

 And allow public service design and social creative design 

To fuel diplomatic design


After a long-time popularization

TDRI successfully build an excellent image of “Taiwan Design” 

And it also constantly enhance its competitiveness on the globe stage 

Through the innovation driven by design

Furthermore, TDRI can promote the sustainable development of society and industry 

To improve peoples lifestyle


Reconstitution: cross-border freestyle

What can arise social tension are precipitate epidemic and various community events

When facing these great changes

 The distance between people, caused by the technology and the disease, can be continuous transformed

Moreover, peoples lifestyle and work mode also could be changed in different aspects

And now, the globe economy and society must need new unity mode

And all kinds of creative design services are allowed to develop fresh life-patterns

In this year, TDRI bring some excellent exhibits

 Such as:cyclic design and product design

And those products can narrate the thoughts and ideas of Taiwan design in many ways

From now on, lets enjoy this exhibition together, to listen, to think, to understand and to break the limits

# Design of circulation and sustainability #



Product | MAC Ward

Due to COVID-19

TDRI, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital and

MiniWiz Corporation

Work together to create Intelligent Epidemic Prevention Ward, MAC WAR.

This MAC WARD is light weight and modular

And it totally built by the recycling materials of aluminum cans and PET bottle

Furthermore, MAC Ward features by highly flexibility and convertibility

Whose main develop concept is that quick assemble

This Ward can be fast set up within 48 hours

Under any environment conditions


Company | MiniWiz R&D Co., Ltd

Product | antiviral acoustic wall panel

Using exclusive 3D thermocompression technical

MINIWIZs signature PET wall panels, nano coated with recycled aluminum

Coupled with UV self-cleaning system

Drastically reduces 99.9% of bacteria count, while repelling viruses

With great insulated result and good sustainability

These products, regardless of home life or commercial space

  No mater indoor or outdoor

Are perfect matched sustainable function building materials



Product | PET recycling and embossed bag

In 2021

re-ing lunch a series of

 New-concept products

 Based on design of circulation and sustainability

The PET materials, main components of design, are used from cloth, button to stitch

 This way can help to recycle and separate

 The embossed fabric presents a style of visual enrichment and functionality

  Textiles are not printed or dyed and

 They also do not waste drapery fabrics whenever possible


Company | WENMING Pen Co., Ltd

Product | ES-380 Environmental version of Black-faced Spoonbill Sustainability Pen 

The Pen’s design is taken from the look of black-faced spoonbill

Due to focused on idea of ecological protection and environmental sustainability

The Pen was created by recycled plastic from marine wasted

And its package was made from reclaim paper pulp

Other materials like bandage and silicone ring are produced by re-collected articles

Hope this action can arouse peoples awareness to environmental issue

Company | LITEON Co., Ltd

Product | Styrofoam Marine Waste Keyboard

Since 2018,

LITEON has worked with partnership QiHui Environmental Technology

They helped together the Penghu clear away more than 30 tonnes of Styrofoam marine waste

LITEON cooperates with the Industrial Technology Research Institute

To modify recycled Styrofoam marine waste

Which do not add new materials

Modified recycled plastics will can be used to

Make LITEON design, keyboards and mouse


Company | Spring Pool Glass Co.Ltd

Product | Design series of recycled glass sustainability - Spring Water Hall Bubble Milk Tea Cup

Spring Pool Glass has lunched series of recycle glass products

based onW Glass Project

Due to nowadays the culture of creative cold drink

 And Tea spirit

 The partnership with Chun Shui Tang and Wushi 

Successfully designed one tea glass cup for Chun Shui Tang, founder of bubble milk tea

 and the cup also meets contemporary Taiwan design style


Company | Spring Pool Glass Co., Ltd

Product | Design series of recycled glass sustainability - Float Bubble Milk Tea Cup

Based onW Glass Project

Spring Pool Glass lunched series of recycle glass products

The Float Bubble Milk Tea Cup

 Has made beverage cups easy to cleaning

And also conduced to lower usage of plastic bottle and drinking straw


Company | DIANJING DESIGN Co., Ltd

Product | disposable bamboo fiber cup

The raw material of Cup was made by bamboo fiber

Which add zero plastisols and PLA

Due to the possibility of being degraded and burnt naturally

The Cup can replace paper cup and plastic one on the market

As for Chrysanthemum characteristic, stable structure and simple design 

Must be first put forward

So it can improve material steadiness and durability


Company | 2 by Wu&Chen

Product | Taiwan first golden kiwi fruit wine

Taiwan first golden kiwi fruit wine

 Its package was designed by 2 by Wu&Chen

Kiwi-shaped bottle was created

From Spring Pool Environmental Glass

 Earned the Golden Pin Design Mark 2020



Company | Jiu Zhen Nan Co., Ltd

Product | Premium Joy Wedding Gift Box

The Premium Joy Wedding Gift Box was embossed with high-quality art paper

 Its base is made of recycled cardboard from waste paper

 in response to environmental protection

This double design can match peoples needs to change wedding pastry collocations

 showing the exquisite quality of gifting


Company | MiniWiz R&D Co., Ltd

Product | furniture of remade wasteful garments 

Based on modular design and recycled materials 

MiniWiz works with partnership Xiongcai Dazhi (Xiamen) New Material Technology Company To design textile fiber planks made of wasteful garments and diapers

Such a kind of multifunctional modular furniture is able to

Change peoples ordinary impression on thriftless materials

 And it can stimulate more possibilities

To wasted-garments upgrading

So that make the action become a solution to eliminate wasteful practices in fast fashion

Company | MiniWiz R&D Co., Ltd

Product | upgrading remade ornaments: door-knob/pothook/the phone shell

Under condition of global pandemic, large number of wasteful masks are made each month

MiniWiz develops and uses environmental zero emission machine

Several simple steps

The mask wastes can be directly transformed into door-knob and pothook

which is designed and engineered to Modular Adaptable Convertible(MAC) Ward

These recycled materials used in medical way

Add more diversified applications


Company | MiniWiz R&D Co., Ltd

Product | antibacterial phone storage bag

Redefining the design idea

 MiniWiz remade garbage coupled with daily practice needs

Eliminating the wastes through using them

Recycled materials are creative blended

Upgrading to bring maximized efforts to epidemic prevention products

Which makes our life more convenient and cleaning

And do the part for the environment

These recycled ornaments are low-energy consumption, light weight and unique

The feeling is soft and war.

Utilize physical antibacterial silver ions to achieve long-lasting antimicrobial protection

Zero-using chemical agent, and low paper towel consumption

Makes recyclable models an endless circular development

Epidemic Prevention- Design at Home#


Company | THANT SPACE Co., Ltd

Product | FLOORWALL 


Designed by Harri Koskinen, Finnish designer

Famous for his ice cube lamp designs

And NakNak

Is a combination of standing mirror and clothes tree

According to different space requirements

FLOORWALL can be used independently, and also combined into

A functional standing-mirror clothes tress

Move to where needed at any time

And place anywhere at home

Likes hallway entrance and bathroom wall

It can put clothes and accessories easily


Company | THANT SPACE Co., Ltd


RIDGE NUMBER is a digital identifying system

Which fits in indoor and outdoor operation

Taken the draft angle formed from casting

 As the main characteristic

It makes the mould easier to release

In various spaces

RIDGE NUMBER shows subtle change of light and shadow due to different light

 So as to improve overall recognition of space characteristics



Product | MOZHU

The design inspiration of MOZHU comes from Oriental Ink Washing Painting

Based on glass technology and material features

MOZHU can portray bamboo shape and depict oriental aesthetics of ink painting easily

So as to make it become some furniture products with modern sense


Company | MILU DESIGN Co., Ltd

Product | shower mountain

Shower Mountain is a hair strainer of bath drain

Shaped with mountain form and special construction

Shower Mountain can block hair effectively to 

Keep drainage clear

Due to orientation foot

Shower Mountain can not be washed out by a lot of water

And it is able to be adjusted according to practice use

So as to improve its elasticity


Company | Airmate Electrical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product | Wardrobe germicidal lamp

Wireless ultraviolet germicidal lamp fits different wardrobes, easy to operate

Sterilizing light can be adjusted by smart recognition for clothing amount

Once charge for using over 2 months

Bluetooth germicidal lamp kills germs and odors on clothes

Make you feel warmth and cleanliness given by real sunshine


Company name| Epoch Lighting

Product name| LED Smart Night Light

With the idea of headlight, and original triangle light body design

LED Smart Night Light 

 Guard the elderly and infants at night

As the perfect auxiliary night lighting

To guide without causing disturbance


Company name| Epoch Lighting

Product name| LED Fangqin

Inspired from Crystal ice cube,

LED Fangqin is the first lighting product

With light from 5 axis directions and thickness of 1.7cm

Easy to install for round and square holes

Offer more use imagination and changes

Both pursue energy conservation and show aesthetic style


Company name| Chang Yang Metal Corp

Product name| Drink Conditioning Lid

SKUZEE is a DIY drink conditioning lid

You can make various hot and cold drinks

By changing modules

To enjoy different functions: juicing, tea, coffee, decanter, chilling

Fit most bottles and cups with the portable design

Replace all related plastic products

To protect environment

# Design Infuses with Industry Revitalization #

T22 Regional Revitalization Program with Design Infused

Initiated by Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)

T22is the comprehensive brand of regional revitalization program to revitalize Regional ecosystem with years of accumulated experience including local support

International expansion and exhibition activities

With Yingge as the starter

T22 will overcome difficulties together with local people to a new level

By bring in professional teams at home and abroad


Company name| 2 by Wu&Chen

Product name| A Remembrance of Home Noodle Bowl 

LivinGreen and Home Hotel

Uses “Styles of Food and Travel Life” as the core

To participate in the “T22 - Regional Revitalization Program with Design Infused” , planned by the Taiwan Design and Research Institute

Working along with Taihwa Pottery

A brand with exquisite craftsmanship of Yingge Ceramics

And under the supervision and guidance of Yu Yamada

The director of “Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival” in Japan

They have released the dual-color [Remembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl]

 Making the concept of “Going Home and Eating a Bowl Noodles” not only nostalgia

But also a portrayal of life that represents Taipei’s food culture


Company name| Anta Pottery

Product name| Celadon Cup

With the image of buff wading for hops

And tiger crossing mountains for wheat-ear

Taihu Brewing redefines the idea of

the strength of nine bulls and two tigers -- tremendous effort

Jointing with exquisite ceramic craftsmanship of Anta Pottery

Taihu Brewing makes the celadon couple cups with sculpture aesthetics and smooth color

Symbolizing the adventurous spirit


Company name| Chardin International Technology Co., Ltd. (The Shus Pottery)

Product name| KOGA Tableware

(Fu) 祿(Lu) (Shou) (Xi) the words mean fortune, prosperity, longevity, and happiness

They are the most auspicious words for humble and simple Taiwanese

Lu and six homophonic, and the six symbolizes prosperity

Therefore, the hexagonal shape that represents a good omen is transformed into a design element

Which can be seen everywhere in our daily life

Praying for ordinary and beautiful life

#Public Design#


Company name| Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)

Product name| TPE to HUN Public Transportation Aesthetic Project

In order to promote the experience and service quality

TDRI leads 2 professional design teams

Including 247 Visual Art and U10 Da Yan International

To transform the through bus transport of TPE to HUN

They use subtraction design to build TPE to HUN Shuttle Bus

The all-around brand project

From brand line, bus appearance, information design to interior decoration optimization

Not only is it through subversion to stereotype of past public transportation

But it creates the most beautiful moving scenery for general people

And redefines the new image of Taiwan passenger transport

TPE to HUN Shuttle Bus is the first road transportation service brand

Combining route and bus-body in Taiwan

To guide the integration and cooperation of public transportation industry

To drive the change of concept in the system

And to improve public transport service experience


Company name| Advanced Seating Industrial Co., Ltd.

Product name| A290-3 Bus Seat

Made by white PU material

The seats of TPE to HUN Public Transportation Aesthetic Project

Can give passengers more refreshing and comfortable transport experience

Equipped with adjustable head restrains with blue cobblestone styling as highlights

The seats take full account of ergonomic spaciousness

To improve the comfort level of long distance bus

It also supports USB sockets and Wi-Fi


Company name| Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)

Product name| Design Movement on CampusProject

Design Movement on CampusProject is committed to change the education status by design

9 schools participated in the project all round Taiwan in 2019

It increased to 25 in 2020 and 2021

Taking subtraction design as the core

Designers adhere to users oriented

To bring aesthetic awareness to learning environment

TDRI tries to change the thinking and operation of public sectors by design

And integrates teaching field demands and interdisciplinary design majors

By building the platform

Design Movement on CampusProject uses design thinking

To explore and solve the execution mode for campus problems

Standing out from 4,769 design works

To win the Good Design Gold Award (only 20 award-winning works around the world)

Company name| Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)

Product name| OHHHH Disaster Preparedness-Society Design Practice Plan

Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) has a international collaboration with DESIGN AND CREATIVE CENTER KOBE (alternative name KIITO)

TDRI leads 11 Taiwan teams

Including New Taipei City Government, disaster prevention education units and other units

 To work on research and design development together with Japanese consultants

With the idea of experiential disaster prevention learning

Our teams develop the study promotion program of 5 disaster emergency escape study Packages including fire disaster, earthquake, flood and other disasters

 As well as 8 teaching aids of experiential disaster prevention


Company name|  That Space Co., Ltd.

Product name| Screen-style Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Fire extinguisher is indispensable in public space

It shows the visual impression of incongruity in the space

 For its color and mark

Mainly based on the function

Commercially available extinguisher brackets cannot lower its incongruity in the space

By the improved design

To a smooth transition with the space

This bracket can blend in with its surroundings

And be identified easily in emergency

#Go outdoors #


Company name| DARE Bikes 

Product name| DARE VSRu Aerodynamic Road Bike

The bike body uses the design of total synchro-integrated cable

Integrates the electric shifting system like battery and control

Making shifting easier and preciser

The exclusive disk brake cover

Aerodynamic frame shape 

And exquisite hand-painted finish combine to this VSRu’s Aerodynamic bike

Perfect between dynamic and static

Change has been normal in this world

Over the past year.

We need to find a better direction and solution

To adapt the future change

Andcreate a new daily lifethrough this change

Caused by the epidemic

There are a lot more wonderful and exciting things waiting for you in HIDW 2021

In Xiongan, China

You can start this wonderful design travel on October 16th to 19th