HIDW2021丨“The Era Value of Design”: Decisive Moments in History
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From the moment when human beings use tools to solve the needs of life

Mankind has been on a path called design

leaving a deep imprint

The “imprints” of the different eras

Representing the “values” of different eras

Designing for demand in the age of war

Designing for function in times of economic depression

Designing for culture during the renaissance,

Designing for texture in the age of diversity and creativity 

People will pay for practical products, and they will also gain spiritual satisfaction and a sense of identity through consumption. The contemporary value of design, however, is not limited to material gratification.

Designs that temporarily satisfy human desires

May eventually be left behind by the times

Advanced people-oriented design

As time passing by, charms never seem to fade

We live in the best of times, an era of flourishing design innovation. Rapid socio-economic development, industrial transformation and upgrading, urban transformation and renewal, and the realization of peoples goals for a better life all depend on design.

The Era Value of Design

Will also be defined by us

With the theme of Interconnectedness: Design to Rekindle the World, we are honored to invite the masters and leaders of the design industry at the Xiongan Design Forum 2021 to explain how design can realize the value of the times in the post-epidemic era, focusing on three themes: Utopia and Heterotopia: The Future Landscape of City Design, Evolutionary Cycle Chain: Design-driven Industrial Innovation and Golden Age: Design Reinvents the New Scene of Consumption.


At the same time, three Roundtable Dialogues - “City Co-creation, Design without Borders”, “Industry Iteration, Design Evolution Theory” and “The Fourth Wave, Inspiration and Imagination of Design” - were held to inspire and imagine the future trends of design and city, design and culture, design and industrial innovation, and design and new consumption.


According to the epidemic prevention requirements, this year's Xiongnu Design Forum will use a combination of online + offline. Due to limited offline seats, interested friends can bookmark the official Design Week mini programs to participate in the live broadcast of the event.