Design Master's Speech | Innovative Design Drives the Development of Digital Economy
Publisher:Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center (HIDC)
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Both manufacturing industry and design should consider artificial intelligence.

——Sun Shouqian


Sun Shouqian, Professor and Doctoral Advisor of Zhejiang University; Senior Visiting Scholar of Delft University of Technology. He serves as the director of Modern Industrial Design Institute of Zhejiang University; director of Academic Degrees Committee of Design Science in Zhejiang University; member of appraisal group of Design Science of Academic Degrees Committee of State Council; member of Colleges and Universities Design Science Teaching Committee of Minister of Education; vice president and secretary general of Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance of China; vice president of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society; director of Key Laboratory of Design Intelligence and Digital Creativity Research of Zhejiang; vice president of Beijing Guanghua Design Development Foundation; and editor of Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, Chinese Journal of Design Science and Design Engineering.


In Xiongan Design Forum of HIDW 2021, Sun Shouqian, director of Modern Industrial Design Institute of Zhejiang University, gave the speech of Innovative Design Drives the Development of Digital Economy on industrial design development in the digital economy era. Design was changing with artificial intelligence and industrial design should seek new development in HCPS (human-cyber-physical systems).


Evolution of Design

Sun Shouqian said, the current trend was that industrial design should integrate with artificial intelligence. Both manufacturing industry and design should consider artificial intelligence. We were at the stage of human-cyber-physical systems, so cyber would play an unignorable role in industrial design.

In the era of digital economy, innovative design meant not innovation in one field but innovation integrating technology, art, culture, human and business. Sun Shouqian said the composition of design was increasingly important. The contents of design were more complicated with advances in technology, but industrial design would be superficial without expanding new dimensions with the changes of times.


Industrial designers were accumulating to focus on platform economy, which belonged to business innovation, among the five components of innovative design. Sun Shouqian explained many industrial designers get benefits from terminals, like the model of Didi Taxi. Transform was needed, because internet companies controlled the platforms, big data, operation system and ecological chain, which limited the future development of designers. He suggested scholars, entrepreneurs and local governments gave equal weight to both terminals and platforms in this integration era.



HCPS: Human-cyber-physical systems

Digitization, networking and intelligence are the prominent features in the new technology revolution and the core of new-generation information technology. Digitization lays the foundation for social informatization and trends to total social datafication. Datafication stresses the collection, aggregation, analysis and application for data. Networking provides physical carrier for information spreading and trends to adopt human-cyber-physical systems (HCPS) widely.


HCPS can both fuel new industries and reshape the existing industry distribution. Intelligence means the level of information application and its trend is new-generation artificial intelligence.

HCPS has an effect on the positioning of design science. In the early stage, industrial designers involve human-physical system in the design process and generally involve human-cyber-physical systems (HCPS). There is a mass of information processing between human and cyber in the development process, therefore artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role. Industrial designers should follow the development trend of HCPS and focus on the application of artificial intelligence.


World enters three-dimensional space from binary space

New-generation information technology influences the product objects from terminal technology, application technology and enabling technology, which affect the objects that industrial designers work with everyday. Especially, the terminal of physical system is influenced by new terminal technologies, including ultra high definition (UHD), 3D audio, AR/VR, holographic image reconstruction and other technologies.


As the base of design science, the terminal composed of materials feels the impact of cyber. Industrial designers have the shortage on the application technology for physical system. For a long term, design education ignores design software, industrial software and others, which are stressed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Industrial designers should pay more attention on it.

In the new-generation HCPS, industrial designers should focus on the link between human and cyber, like interaction between human and cyber. That means human-computer interaction will point out the new development direction for industrial design.