Hebnews.cn——Focus on HIDW 2021|The First Match Me Business Matching Activity
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News from Hebei Daily (reported by Hao Dongwei) In the special matching for smart manufacturing and mechanical equipment, Match Me Business Activity invited well-known design companies to help enterprises for design service matching and cooperation project signing. At that day, the industry pioneer predicted the front trend in smart manufacturing industry and mechanical equipment industry.

Many design companies shared their classic design cases, including Hebei Bifoxes Design Co., Ltd., Hebei 9Huado Design Co., Ltd. and other industrial design organizations. The activity provided negotiation areas to manufacturing enterprises, design companies and exhibitors for their demand-intention business matching.

As the vice general manager of Hebei Lvling Kangwei Food Co., Ltd., Zhao Xiaoning learned something from these cases in the matching activity. We hope cooperate with related design companies to increase the sales of walnut milk products. Zhao Xiaoning told that they planed the brand marketing for their products to expand market by introducing industrial design elements because of more competitive among brands in recent years.

Therefore, Zhao Xiaoning had a negotiation on how to expand the marketing channel of walnut mike by design innovation with Liu Huachao, the general manager of Hebei 9’Huado Design Co., Ltd. They would develop design cooperation based on the orientation of walnut mike products.

HIDW held the first Match Me Business Activity, involving smart manufacturing, mechanical equipment, living and home furnishing, fashion consumption, sports health and other fields. With different rounds and forms, the accurate matching activities aimed to help enterprises transformation and upgrading in design field by building the one-stop bridge for exhibition + cooperation + purchasing + communication in face-to-face way for global design organizations, manufacturing enterprises, incubators and those companies with business demands.

Executive editor: Zhang Yongmeng