Hebnews.cn——“Weidao Yan Zhao” Introduced Different Alcohol Cultures in HIDW 2021
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News from Hebei News. The 4th Hebei International Industrial Design Week (HIDW 2021) opened in Business and Service Convention Center Xiongan on October 16th. The Opening Ceremony invited many leaders from Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, the Peoples Government of Hebei Province, British Embassy Beijing and World Design Organization; about 100 representatives of related government departments, associations, economic parks and enterprises from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Gansu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Anhui, Jiangxi and other 20 provinces and cities. These leaders and guests also visited the Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition.


Many visitors were attracted by the rows of alcohol bottles with the trademark of “Leather of Xinji” in the exhibition area of Xinji Industrial Design Innovation Center. According to Fang Libo, general manager of Weidao Yan Zhao (Hebei Weidao Yan Zhao Food Technology Co., Ltd.), Hebei was been regarded a great province full of rich and unique cultural resources through the development history thousands of years, as an important cradle of Chinese civilization. Located in Hebei, Weidao Yan Zhao aimed to show the more Hebeis history and culture to those loving and knowing alcohol by using design to integrating alcohol with cultural symbols. It made 14 kinds of city name cards by marking 14 cities with 14 cultural signs, including Bridge of Shijiazhuang, Porcelain of Tangshan, Shanhaiguan of Qinhuangdao, Dream of Handan, Cattle of Xingtai, Fu of Baoding, Gate of Zhangjiakou, Palace of Chengde, Lion of Cangzhou, River of Langfang, Lake of Hengshui, Dian of Xiongan, Leather of Xinji” and Pagoda of Dingzhou.


As the product of Handan Yongbufenli——holding company of Wuliangye, Weidao Yan Zhao Culture Alcohol used the base liquor from Wuliangye and sold the products in different cities with different bottle package designs to show regional characteristics. Find more about Weidao Yan Zhao, please scan the QR code to follow the mini program.


Executive editor: Sun Mingxia