Hebnews.cn——Xingtai Economic Development Zone Showed Industrial Design Innovation Achievements in HIDW 2021
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News from Hebei News (by Xing Yun, reporter of Hebei Daily) Hosted by the Peoples Government of Hebei Province, the 4th Hebei International Industrial Design Week (HIDW 2021) opened in Xiongan New Area. Xingtai Economic Development Zone was widely praised for its exhibition area to show Xingtais industrial design achievements.


Xingtai Economic Development Zone had a booth with the area of 60 sqm in Hebei Industrial Design Achievement Area. It showed the industrial design innovation achievements from Hebei Runtai Rescue Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and other 10 manufacturing enterprises, involving rescue equipment, laser engraving, fire-resistant glass, high-end stroller and other products. At the same time, it displayed some representative products from Xingtai characteristic industrial cluster——including Hengchi Bicycle, AMICALE Cashmere, Lideer Cookware. The about 30 exhibits were highly appreciate by professional guests and leaders of related provincial and municipal government departments.


Making industrial design as the leading and improving role, Xingtai Economic Development Zone took many measures for deep integration of industrial design with products, enterprises and characteristic industry clusters to improve the added value of products, create well-known brands and increase regional competition. In addition, it launched industrial design innovation coupon” to drive the achievements of manufacturing enterprises in transformation, upgrading, green development and leaping improvement as well as to help the industries in transformation, upgrading and high-quality fast development.


The related booth activities of Xingtai Economic Development Zone was organized by Xingtai Industrial Design Innovation Center.


Executive editor: Zhao Yaoguang