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Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2022 (HIDW 2022)

Nov. 10-Nov. 14

“Design Vitalizes the City of the Future”

Inviting the Global Design Power

Revitalizing the Future in Multiple Ways


Professional Design Service Docking Platform

Global Design Outcomes Exhibiting Platform

Cutting-edge Design Concept Communicating Platform


Since its first held in October of 2018, HIDW has drawn great attention among the professionals due to its advantages in communication, exhibition, docking, and introduction of advanced design concepts for four successive years. In the past 4 years, HIDW has been welcomed by many manufacturers and universities, including CRRC Tangshan, Beijing Institute of Technology, the 54th Research Institute of CETC (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation), Great Wall Motor, Hebei University, Hebei Winsun Electronics Technology.



So far, HIDW 2022 has invited more than 350 design institutions and manufacturers. Now, we sincerely welcome professional visitors. Whether you are a member of design institutions, faculty or students of universities, or staff of manufacturers, HIDW is ready to offer you an excellent world-class industrial design exhibition in Xiongan—the future city.

01 Accumulating Global Design Trends

During the past 4 years, HIDW has become one of the most influential design events in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the country. With upgrading global and professional insights, HIDW 2022 aims to introduce world-class designers and their works in Hebei, bringing the latest global design trends. Besides, it focuses on the achievements of industrial design platform construction, introduction of design institutions, and industrial empowerment, which selects design outcomes from over 260 major enterprises to show the achievement of industrial upgrading and transformation in Hebei to the globe. Furthermore, HIDW 2022 cooperates with the Netherlands, integrating multiple advanced Dutch design power. Outstanding designs from more than 30 countries and regions will be displayed in HIDW 2022. Focusing on design strategy, systematic design, green design, design services and other design prospects, HIDW will show innovative and advanced design concepts on the international stage.



Utilizing design as the bridge, HIDW provides a channel between the global design power and the upgrading Hebei design industry. So far, over 350 design institutions and companies have been invited to the Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition, one of the major exhibitions of HIDW 2022. Here, the latest outcome of global design trends, cutting-edge Dutch design insights, domestic original design, and industrial upgrading in Hebei will be shown. We expect to utilize the power of design to lead the path of Hebei’s industrial development.

02 Gathering Global Design Masters 

As one of the three major side events of HIDW, Xiongan Design Forum is always regarded as a palace where designers spark their ideas. Every year, hundreds of design masters from all over the world will participate in the forum, bringing novelist design insights from diverse dimensions and perspectives. As a result, the forum is regarded as one of the most influential design communication platforms connecting China to the world beyond and a not-to-be-missed shrine of design minds for designers and professionals. 


                                                 ▲Masayuki Kurokawa --Japanese Natioanl Design Master 
                                                                           (Guest Speaker of HIDW 2018)


                            ▲David Kusuma--the President Designate of World Design Organization (WDO)
                                                                           (Guest Speaker of HIDW 2019) 


                                  ▲Liu De--the co-founder, senior VP, Party Secretary, and Organization 

                                                         Department Director of Xiaomi Corporation

                                                                              (Guest Speaker of HIDW 2020)


                                                 ▲Enea Colombo-- General Manager of ICONA Design Group 
                                                                            (Guest Speaker of HIDW 2021 )

Under the theme of “the Geocentric Theory of Design,” the forum has invited experts and professionals, including Song Weizu, the honoured executive director of China Industrial Design Association and deputy director of the Culture Committee of the China Democratic League, Wang Tan, vice president & chief designer of XPENG AEROHT, Yuan Feng, vice president of BOE Technology Group, Zhang Zhiqi, COE of SVFACTORY, Zhou Hongshi, the executive vice president of Guangdong Industrial Design Association (GDIDA), Cathy Huang, the chairperson of CBi China Bridge and founder of SDN Shanghai, Luo Jian, the director of SAIC Maxus Automotive Design Center, and Zhu Yuan, the design director of ICONA Shanghai. At the forum, those industrial leaders will shed light on topics, including new products, business forms, and industry, focusing on constructing a “green, low-carbon, healthy and livable” demonstration zone and a digital economy innovation pilot zone in Xiongan New Area. Besides, they will discuss urban development, the industrial revolution, the new normal of production and life, new consumption tendency, sustainable development and other critical topics to explore the connection between design power and revitalization.

In the “Dutch Design Day” event, CreativeNL and the Dutch Design delegation will focus on cutting-edge design concepts, share their experience in enterprise transformation through design and match with the manufacturers in Hebei for further cooperation. Michelle Zhang, the design director of Philips Shanghai Design Center, Michiel Roosjen, the chief representative of China at CreativeNL, John van de Water, the founder of NEXT Architects Beijing, and other representatives are invited to deliver speeches. As professional visitors, we are sure our events will let you know more about design innovation and urban design and meet your networking demands.

03 Aggregating Global Design Resources

During 4 years of development, HIDW has become one of the influential professional design exhibition platforms. While introducing the advanced design resources, HIDW is deal-oriented. Based on the Xiongan New Area, it continues to attract excellent design resources at home and aboard, initiating the “Match Me” Business Matching Project, Design Innovation Tour, and other events. Now, HIDW has become a critical design purchasing and communicating platform, which can provide professional services, including procurement business docking, business negotiation, and design cooperation.


Every year, HIDW welcomes exhibitors from fields including industrial design, equipment manufacturing, intelligent home appliance, electronic communication, new materials, green transportation, ecological design, and health care. Besides, it attracts manufacturers from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Shandong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hunan. In the past 4 years, HIDW has witnessed more than 1,400 primary cooperation intentions. Over 500 cooperations, 31 major and 24 cooperative projects have been settled and implemented at HIDW.

04 Docking Global Exhibitors Without Leaving Home

As a design platform and bridge connecting design institutions, exhibitors, and end customers, HIDW is devoted to promoting industrial upgrading and transformation in Hebei province. In 2022, while deepening the “offline” events, HIDW will continue to set up an online exhibition hall, using “cloud exhibition,” “could livestream,” and “cloud docking” to enlarge influence and create a “Never-ending Online Design Week”. 


Due to the pandemic, many exhibitors, professional visitors and purchasers may be absent. Therefore, HIDW 2022 plans to hold exhibitions online and offline and create a cloud-matching event. Our online exhibition has over 300 design institutions and manufacturers, making it possible for global visitors to access global design and manufacturing resources without leaving home.

05 Collecting Diverse Forward-looking Designs

It is reasonable to believe that an influential design award should be named after a design-oriented city. As a result, the Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) was initiated at HIDW2019, which aims to “Design for the Future and a Better Life, which Inspired by the Eastern Wisdom.” In 2020, the 147 entries awarded the GIDA’s “Best of the Best Award” were warmly welcomed by the visitors. Those entries directly showed the visitors the global advanced design concept and shed light on social development, making it one of the most popular exhibition areas at HIDW. 

In 2022, over 2,000 enterprises and institutions, design companies, and independent designers from more than 55 countries and regions have signed up for GIDA, bringing more advanced imaginative, and creative designs. This November, those design power will be gathered at Xiongan New Area, where excellent entries will be displayed and a remarkable award ceremony will be held. Visitors are welcome to witness the birth of the million-design-award.


Industrial design serves the manufacturers, which will be valued from the end products. A good design, which has empowered the end products, should also be seen. HIDW2022, gathering excellent global designs and design institutions, welcomes professional visitors from all over the country to discover and learn more about novel design concepts. As for those who are in demand of purchasing, HIDW will also open up a green-matching channel, providing a customized matching mechanism for design institutions, exhibitors, manufacturers and professional visitors. Within a simple step, you can connect to high-quality global resources.


Professional visitors only need to sign up for the pre-registration program on WeChat. After the HIDW Organizing Committee confirms their qualifications, visitors will gain access to the business-matching center with a notification text. Besides, HIDW will provide complimentary water, beverages, and light fares, hoping to assist in settlement of cooperative intentions.  

For more information on HIDW events and activities, please follow HIDW WeChat public account. Get first-hand information at any moment.

*HIDW2022 associates with the intellectual property division of the Xiongan Intermediate People’s Court and Xiongan Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau to provide intellectual property consultation and law popularization services for our exhibitors and participating units at Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition.