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On November 13th, it marked the end of Xiongan main venue of Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2022 (HIDW 2022), which gathered the worldwide top design innovation resources to show wonderful design works and to promote fantastic design concept exchanges. HIDW 2022 brought global attention to Hebei to listen to design and feel design power.


(open, inclusive, design week, international)


“Global Design, Xiongan Exhibition”


HIDW focused on

the forefront of international industrial design.

Over the past five years,

HIDW is more and more international.


XPeng X2 was unveiled in HIDW 2022. Last month, the X2 made its public overseas maiden flight in Dubai, also the first public flight after getting the special flight permit by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, which made flying car in science fictions to be reality. It was a two-seater intelligent electric flying car developed independently by XPENG AEROH, with the endurance for 35 minutes, the maximum flight altitude for 1000 meters, and the maximum flight speed up to 130km/h. 

In addition to flying car, there are more than 3,000 amazing design exhibits with shining wisdom and fancy in Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition with 6,000m2 in Business and Service Convention Center Xiongan, like hug chair, breathing jeans, light reed shoes, lazy dough sofa...and many design winners of IF and Red Dot.




On November 10th,

The 3rd GIDA Award Ceremony,

as one of the key events in HIDW 2022,

unveiled 43 prizes in 8 categories

from 6769 works from 55 countries and regions.


This year, GIDA collected more product designs with high completeness and more concept entries with perspectiveness, which indicated GIDAs improvement in social influence and industry attraction, at the same time, moved forward to be an international design “Nobel Prize” under the support of domestic and overseas top design organizations and professionals at every filed, said by He Renke, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Design, Hunan University.

Build the international exchange platform

to gather global design resources in Xiongan constantly.

Design empowers Hebei manufacturing industry

with strong vitality.


This eye-catching exhibit, co-designed by RITO Design and Hejian Glass, was called “Reed Cup”——with round body and big mouth and without handle, embellished with light yellow and milk white reeds around. This double-layer cup is heat-insulated and it can show swaying and vivid reeds after full of water.

Design empowered a common glass into a cultural and creative product featured with Xiongan culture, by integrating humanization design with Baiyang Lake reed. It also increased the added value of products.


In Xingtai Exhibition Area, you can see Liang Bai Kai——12 Earthy Branches, designed by Chinese famous designer Pan Hu for Jinmailang. Inspired from Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival drew by Zhang Zeduan, it was the winner of Beverage Packaging of Red Dot, full of vivid mundane scenes to show the beauty of ancient China.

Nowadays, more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises recognized industrial design like golden finger and used it to make their transformation in Hebei. At the same time, design can improve the market returns by increasing the added value and competitiveness of products.


(Low carbon, environmental protection and green become the key words of HIDW.)


In the “Wonderful” Xiongan Exhibition Area, you can see this public bench with adjustable seat back which can be moved forward and backward to change the seat orientation. It can meet the demands in different situations. This bench combined wood fiber or other plant fibers with applicable adhesive after smashing, defibering and drying, therefore, it had more advantages than wood materials, like more solid, more corrosion-resistant and more low-carbon and environmentally-friendly. For rich reed resources in Baiyang Lake, Xiongan New Area could provide new raw materials for this environment-friendly public bench through technology upgrading in future.


You can see the natural and environmental reed shoes, which made the comprehensive utilization of reed as the sole material. As the symbol of Baiyang Lake, reed had stable biology base to make thick sole not only more light and comfortable but also environmental and wear-resistant. The upper was made of natural and renewable conifer fiber. For the eco-environmental design, it won many industrial design awards including GIDA, first prize of Cultural, Creative and Tourism Product Design Competition at Xiongan New Area, IF, Golden Pin Design Award.



(Green is the veritable sight word and key word in HIDW 2022)


With the theme of “Green Solutions in Dutch Design Day”, Dutch Design Day Partner Activity, as one of the important activities of HIDW 2022, invited many design masters to share their thoughts and experiences on creating green design, as well as, to exchange with Hebei local enterprises on the new sustainable development path of design empowering manufacturing companies.


In recent years, the global research hotspot was developing and designing sustainable materials into various products to reduce carbon emission. At this international platform——HIDW, Hebei was an active participant to exchange, brainstorm and explore, aw well as a positive pioneer of green and low-carbon development, aiming to achieve energy conservation, carbon reduction, and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Meanwhile, design and innovation played an important role in drawing the beautiful picture full of blue sky and green water.


(brand, promotion, design, connection and unlimited potential)


HIDW 2022 increased international and domestic cooperation. Selecting Netherlands as the Guest of Honor, it built Partner Country (Netherlands) Featured Design Exhibition Area, Overseas Excellent Design Exhibition Area, Domestic Frontier Design Exhibition Area and other theme exhibition areas to predict the industry prospects of innovation development in international view. Its fruits were emerging gradually after holding many design exchange and matching activities together with design organizations at home and abroad.


According to preliminary statistics of HIDW 2022, there were 12 series activities; about 3,000 good design works; 78 experts and scholars, design elites, business representatives from 30 countries and regions to exchange ideas and share experience; and 58 design demands for construction and development. It would boost Xiongans development by gathering global thoughts an resources in design innovation.

Compared to the previous design week, HIDW 2022 ranks the top in attention degree, participant number, media report range and design exhibition form, said by Song Xiangdang, party member and deputy director of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province.


HIDW 2022 culminated at the Signing Ceremony with 5 cooperation projects in Xiongan main venue, including the signings between Haitai Solar and CBON Design for brand upgrade, between Xiongan Baihui Supply Chain and Quandian Design for image upgrade, between Haoyun Works and Dingzhou Industrial Design Innovation Center (DIDC) for Fengzhuo brand packaging upgrade...

About the result of HIDW 2022, it plays a more and more significant role  for Xiongan New Area in promoting high-quality development, characteristic opening, close integration, industry chain and innovation chain service and design exhibition range., said by Song Xiangdang.

The activities in main venue ended.

The transformation of design achievements started.


This washing machine is designed by Globe Group and goes on sale after the incubation of GIDA design results transformation platform. At present, it has been the hot seller for the sales volume more than 100 thousand in JD., said by Liu Yujie, vice president of design and co-founder of SVFACTORY.

Co-created by GIDA organizing committee and SVFACTORY, this results transformation platform aims to promote the implementation and selling of design achievements through setting seven empowering sectors including intelligent planning, new product incubation, brand operation and GIDA online store.

Reporter: Li Daijiao, Zhao Xiaohui

No boundaries for design

No limits for creativity

HIDW 2023

See you next year