Explore the Nature of Industrial Design in Changing Global Situations and Inspire Technology and Arts with Innovation
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Science and technology


Face the profound changes unseen in a century, and apply digital-intelligence industries to solve the deep contradiction of global development.


Obviously, traditional industrialization is not compatible with sustainable development around the world, therefore, digital intelligence is regarded as a graspable straw to win in the transformation of global industry.


Like the Law of the Jungle oriented by Darwinism, human develop traditional industrial civilization at the expense of destroying humans basic living conditions. World development confronts many challenges under the background of global pandemic, therefore, its urgent for all mankind to find the resolution of deepening new technology reform and reshaping a new world structure by innovation.


In recent years, industry becomes the principal part of real economy. All industries are facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 that integrates digital industrial design and industrial Internet platform system, following with the deep construction of 5G, AI, IoT derived from Internet.


The number tells the truth. The manufacturing industry is transforming and industrial design market scales up to 207.1 billion yuan in 2021 from 126 billion yuan in 2017, nearly a double in just a few years, under the context of a series of national polices on supporting industrial design development and the program of Made in China 2025.


In recent years, industrial design is considered as the breakthrough point to make industry transformation rapidly for it serving the whole technology product life cycle of as a strategic resource. Developing industrial design means to get the ticket to the new world pattern.




Why industrial design is

the breakout weapon for industry transformation and upgrading?


Industrial design embraces engineering, aesthetics and economics. Its process seems like our lifetime from planning life blueprint in young age to practicing in real world in adulthood and finally to delivering life answer in old age, making a harmonious coexistence of sensibility and rationality. In this process, it explored the law of integrating industry and art, as well as the way to create infinite possibilities.


Pursuing the law and way of industrial design is pursuing the perfection of industrial products in essence. Throughout the development of industrial products, from market economy to personalized customized economy, product manufacturing should be transformed from nothing to good, and then to excellent. Enterprises cant be successful just by plagiarism, imitation and copycat, therefore, its booster track is to improve product quality and brand competitiveness by industrial design.

Industrial design is 

not impractical window dressing

According to Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the investment in industrial product appearance per dollar can generate profit 1,500 dollars. There are 51% contribution of industrial design and only 12% contribution of product technology upgrading for every 0.1 trillion yen increase in sales revenue in Japan Hitachi Limited.


Undoubtedly, industrial design plays a powerful role in scaling up product categories, increasing added value of product and improving brand competitiveness. Nowadays, most regions and enterprises lack of forward-looking consciousness and industrial design concepts in line with international market, instead of lacking competitive industrial products and business forms under the background with prosperous real economy all over the country.


Industrial design keeps increasing value with the construction of industrial Internet platform system promoted by Industrial Revolution 4.0. It holds an important position in promoting the traditional industry transformation in digitization, networking and intellectualization, and vice versa, each region should recognize the importance of industrial design and learn industrial design in complete, deep and accurate way if wants to obtain the high ground of industrial design transformation.


The “law” and “way

in nowadays

Throughout the reform and opening up for past 40 years, China has transformed to great creating country from great manufacturing country, and industrial design is the core engine to widen the gap of industrial manufacturing capacity among countries. Excellent industrial design can help products realize large cost decreasing and profit increasing as well as can improve the added value of products. Industrial design can be regarded as the brand symbol to drive a new economic model for industries, which is a process to explore the law and way of industrial design ultimately.

The “law” of industrial design can solve problems by analysis in a high and deep view, aiming to empower design practice by correct design theories. Practice is a breeding ground of theories and theories are the foundation to ensure successful practice. As the book Introduction to Art and Design says: the essence of design art is to enhance the value of substance use and meet the spiritual comfort, namely the unity of use and beauty. Therefore, the “law” of industrial design is to inject compatible aesthetics and practical economics into industrial design to connect them like blood and vessel, which can further promote the transformation and upgrading of business forms on the original basis.


The “way” of industrial design focuses on implementation practice and technology details. In the age of digital intelligence, industrial transformation is urgent with global epidemic and increasing economic competition. How to empower industrial design by Internet becomes the challenge for every country and region. How will industrial design enter the new era full of disruptive innovation under the support of 5G, AI and IoT? Look at the country and even the world, Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2022 (HIDW 2022) gives a satisfactory answer.


Hebei International Industrial Design Week (short for “HIDW”) 

has been held successfully for 5 consecutive years

since October, 2018

attracts high attention from industrial design experts and masters

for its characters in exchange, exhibition, matching and leading-edge trend introduction.

In the context with profound changes unseen in a century,

HIDW 2022 opens in Business and Service Convention Center Xiongan on November 10th,

upgrading the theme as

Design Vitalizes the City of the Future.


HIDW 2022 integrates exhibition, forum and award to set more than 10 activities in Xiongan main venue, including 1 exhibition, 5 forums, 1 award ceremony, 1 design matching meeting, 4 design launches, 5 promotion conferences and 1 design tour. There are three main events to support HIDW branding development, such as Xiongan Design Forum, Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition and International New Design Products Launch.

How to understand the theme of “Design Vitalizes the City of the Future”? For the nature of industrial design, its origin is to create the products with higher quality, higher efficiency, lower cost and more in line with user needs. Based on that, industrial design has been a strong catalyst to develop real economy in recent years and a great industrial design team is the second core technology for enterprises. Its inevitable to create extraordinary technology light when industrial design meets regions and cities.


Different from other industrial design exhibitions, HIDW devotes to promote the concept of integration of brand and design since its establishment. There is a new normal to incubate brands cooperated by industrial design organizations and factories, at the same time, industrial design is regarded as one of the best businesses in this age.


It is striking that HIDW 2022 plans the Wonderful Xiongan Exhibition Area to show the city model of people long for in Xiongan New Area. With the theme of “Design Vitalizes the City of the Future”, it displays advanced designs from XPENG AEROHT, Appotronics, Xiaomi and other well-known enterprises as well as design achievements to relieve the functions of Chinese central State-owned enterprises, from CSCN, Sinochem, and CHINA HUANENG. Meanwhile, HIDW 2022 builds urban green island integrated with five sectors including intelligent transportation, green and environmental protection, livable for children, health care for the elderly and industry and research future. It applies ecological reality, virtual technology and empowers products to resonate with audiences in emotion and value by the immersive experience.




With the online and offline forms, HIDW Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition covers a total area of 6,000m2. And it invites two curators including Matthew JonesBritish creative master and Shirley Fengdirector of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center (HIDC). In addition, the international exhibition area is increasing and more than 60% of total areas.

It is worth noting that this year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the Netherlands. HIDW 2022 selects Netherlands as the Guest of Honor to set Dutch (Partner Country) Featured Design Exhibition Area and Dutch Design Day Partner Activity, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Create the “never-ending” international mode ceiling

in industrial design

Based on Xiongan to embrace the world

HIDW focuses on showing commercial value of design. With the trend of regional transformation and upgrading, Hebei, as a great industrial province around China, aims to build “innovation-driven high-quality and efficient manufacturing province with Chinese-characteristics modernization. It holds HIDW and other high-quality events to cultivate industrial design industry clusters to make mutual development between enterprises and industrial design, and finally to realize the whole industry transformation.

This is regarded as a HIDW 2022 highlight. Compared with other exhibitions, HIDW pays more attention on the concept of industrial design empowering characteristic industrial clusters. With 107 characteristic industrial clusters, Hebei achieves the “1+12 result in developing industries and industrial design by relying on industrial design and applying the form of introducing outside and developing inside.

Report to the 20th CPC National Congress points that focusing on the real economy to develop economy, promoting new industrialization, boosting the construction of great nation in manufacturing, quality, aerospace, transportation, network and digitalization. Combined with the status quo of the entity industry, it is priority for Hebei to promote the innovation-driven development and the deep integration between industrial design and manufacturing industry, under the background that Hebei Provincial Committee of the CPC and Hebei Provincial Government implement the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The success of HIDW over the past several years indicates Hebei focuses on the real economy in developing the economy.


HIDW also make great efforts to improve its commercial value. Firstly, its a pioneer to create an ecological circle integrating exhibition, forum and award; it collects a total of 6,769 entries from more than 2,000 enterprises and institutions, design companies and individuals from 55 countries and regions, including 555 entries from Hebei; it focuses on building a global platform for design achievement transformation to make a full-chain design ecology integrating sales test, proofing, incubation, production, marketing and sales. Next, it enhances internationalization to collect global entries from Netherlands, Japan, Turkey and other leading countries in industrial design. This is the best way to make HIDW stand-out by showing it international, open, inclusive and business-focused concept. 


The professionals think HIDW 2022 focuses on more showing and exploring new businesses, new industries and new business forms in the view of industrial design. The background includes unavoidable innovation trend with the change of global economic structure and Hebei proactive determination for high-tech digital intelligent industry transformation by industrial design.


The source of value creation is to make profit for industries and users. HIDW 2022 gathers global innovative design works and advanced design organizations. For professional audiences, HIDW set reservation channel; for professional audience with purchasing needs, HIDW set green cooperation matching channel to provide customized matching system for design organizations, exhibitors, manufacturing companies and professional audiences at home and abroad. Its easy to connect with the high-quality resources around the world.



It is foreseeable that HIDW would enhance its global influence and visibility continuously under the support of diversified exhibitors year by year, with the participation of global industrial design powers including Netherlands and Britain. At the same time, there is a trend that different industries step to a new level by applying industrial design based on digital intelligence platform. Therefore, those companies or industries that fail to keep pace will face intense competition in the future business ecosystem.