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Equator Industrial Co.,Ltd. Equator Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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Equator Industrial Co., Ltd. is the leading brand internet ecology management company in China.And delicated for the intelligent storage, logistics and e-commerce park construction and management.At present, the main business of Equator is Equator Cloud Warehouse, product reserch and development, and supply chain management, Equator logistics, and cross-border e-commerce.Equatorial Equator Industrial Co., Ltd. established the deep cooperation with the platform of Jingdong, Tianmao, Amazon, Materialism, Alibaba.... Self-owned brands are K L E B Y, 40,000 km, LOVEBIRD, all had rank sales performance.Equator Industries Limited has developed fast, this is own to the company's core competition advantages: Market-oriented, data-based, efficient, fast and accurate reaction speed. Company unquie management mode had the data trace for each step of design, production, sales and storage, to realize the accurate management for each product’s operation, which create the competitive in the industry.