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Dingzhou Chenwenzeng Ding Porcelain Products Co.,Ltd. Dingzhou Chenwenzeng Ding Porcelain Products Co.,Ltd.
Company profile

Dingzhou Chenwenzeng Ding Porcelain products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, integrating the research and production of Dingzhou porcelain. After years of research, the company successfully restored the gold painting process of Dingyao black glaze in the Northern Song Dynasty in 2018, and solved the problem of forming Dingyao porcelain raw materials, successfully produced Dingyao black glaze gold painting works, breaking a gap in the history of China's ceramics, and decorated Dingyao porcelain. The effect is pushed to a new height, which plays a positive role in the inheritance and development of Ding porcelain. In 2019, our company successfully applied for the invention patent of Dingyao black glaze gold tracing porcelain plate painting. This innovation will more effectively explain the style of Dingyao of the five official kilns in the Song Dynasty, make the former royal royal kiln gold tracing come into the common people's home, and add new vitality to the traditional hand-made ceramics in China!