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Hebei Dingkun Cuture Communication Co.,Ltd. Hebei Dingkun Cuture Communication Co.,Ltd.
Company profile

Hebei Dingkun Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the only company operating the inheritance and promotion of Kesi in Hebei Province. With the responsibility of "inheriting Kesi art and promoting Chinese civilization", it has registered the trademarks "Jingsi language", "qiansui silk" and "sibantang". With Wang Pengwei, the seventh generation successor of the family of Kesi, as the flagman, he led the company to design and weave Kesi works, studied how to make the thousand year old ancient art live in the present, continuously explored and innovated, injected new vitality and vitality into the traditional craft of Kesi, and created high-end minority products, which not only retained the traditional style, but also combined the traditional ancient art culture with fashion. All right. There are many kinds of Kesi products, such as appreciation collection, craft gifts, household products, daily necessities, etc., which have a good prospect for the development of international high-end market. At present, the company's main business has four sections: Kesi training, Kesi production, Kesi clothing customization, and Kesi weaving school.