Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Meisterrat Deutschland German Craft Council e. V.i.G. Meisterrat Deutschland German Craft Council e. V.i.G.
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The German Origanisation Meisterrat with its headquarters in Berlin has been organizing the exhibition 'Handmade in Germany' since 2014. The concentrated collection of contemporary quality production from Germany shows masterpieces by German manufactories, craftsmen and designers. They are precious things and cultural goods that are made by hand in Germany.

Germany has numerous outstanding manufactories that produce at the highest level. The reason for this lies in the historical tradition of German craftsmanship. The exhibition “Handmade in Germany” shows German craftsmanship, still influenced by the spirit of artists’ movements such as the Werkbund and Bauhaus, as one of the most important components of Germany’s cultural heritage. Exhibitors include world-famous luxury manufacturers, local manufacturers, individual designers and award-winning art workshops.