Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Jihua 3502 Career Apparel Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Founded in 1928, Jihua 3502 Career Apparel Co., Ltd. (formerly known as 3502 Factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army) started restructuring in November 2006. It is now affiliated with the Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd., a world top 500 emerging enterprise directly under the SASAC. Jihua 3502 is now the largest R&D, production and service base of business wear and military quilt, which is recognized as the pillar enterprise of the National Required Dress Provider and one of the major emergency suppliers.

Jihua 3502 now has obtained 554 intellectual property rights, involves in the launch of 189 national and industrial regulations of military surplus, and undertakes 17 national, military, provincial, and municipal R&D programs. It was certificated 13 R&D platforms and was awarded several militaries and provincial Progress Prize.