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Hebei Quandian Brand Design Co., Ltd is an all-in-one brand design company for creativity, design and planning. It is committed to integrating the corporate spirit, business philosophy ("Enjoy Life, Taste Art, Fine Design"), and cultural characteristics into the design, giving the public a strong visual impact and deep thinking, thereby forming the brand effect of enterprises. Adhering to originality, innovation, and creativity, Quandian accomplishes brand design from an overall perspective, considers problems from customers’ point of view, and injects fresh energy and vitality into the brand of the enterprises!

Our service mainly includes: LOGO design, VI design, industrial design and other design solutions; WeChat public platform maintenance and promotion; website construction, optimization and promotion; mini programs; project planning and implementation; network marketing and other technical solutions.

Every day, we long for a better future, move forward and boost our confidence. Teamwork is the guarantee of success, and concentration makes us better. We have a team of experienced design directors, as well as young and energetic new generations. The collision of experience and fresh blood helps us keep pace with the times, sets an industry benchmark in the field of design, and leads the public aesthetics. Choose Quandian and make your brand distinctive, unique and remarkable.