Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Company profile

CHOISI is a multi-disciplinary product design and innovation studio that embraces classical British design values. CHOISI aims to solve everyday complex problems using expert knowledge from product, furniture, 3D modelling, 3D printing, hardware and software fields. Creating innovative new products that offer real-world solutions solving real-word problems. We offer custom-bespoke working methods suited for each client projects.

True good design contributes and gives back to society. Over 50% of all products manufactured have had a negative impact on the environment. Creators are taking natural resources and not honestly thinking about how best they can give ack to our environment and people.

By fully embracing an organic intuitive research design and development processes, CHOISI is able to focus more on sustainability (circular-economy) and the full development cycle of a product, and not just the manufacturing aspect of a product. Where did the material come from? How was the material manufactured? How is the product reused after its life-span? Are all important aspects of CHOISI design development inputs. ­­