Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Hebei Shengzhi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Hebei Shengzhi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. has cooperated with skilful design consultants and high-efficiency manufacturers. The company treat every project with high standards. We help our clients to solve problems, carry out revolutionary plans, and promote brand competitiveness through the complete process, accurate positioning and our focus on details.

Located in the only provincial design innovation center, we are recognized as the National Technology Enterprise and High-tech Enterprise. As a design-centered company, more than 90% of our employees are designers, so we have a professional design team sensitive to the market. Besides, we have access to the supply chain, high-end manufacturing, user experience survey, design data, intellectual property rights, and innovative services. We aim to provide one-stop industrial design services to domestic and global enterprises.

We believe that “Design is more than optimization, for it is an innovative process.”

With rich design experience and professional design ability, the successful cooperation includes CASC, CETC, CECEP, CSSC, China National Petroleum Corporation, Carcoustics, Asia Pacific heavy industry, Tencent, 360, etc., more than 1000 service cases, covering consumer electronics, medical beauty, baby products, large-scale equipment, three-defence and other fields. Founded so far has won a number of international awards, design to create product value.