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Fengfeng Mining District Mining Area Great Pottery Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Fengfeng Mining District Mining Area Great Ceramic Co., Ltd. was established in 2002.It is a large-scale, strong and influential art ceramic enterprises in Cizhou kiln, China, the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Demonstration Base, provincial cultural industry demonstration base, and provincial science popularization base.

Since its inception, the company is committed to inheriting and carrying forward the culture of Cizhou kiln, continuous researching and excavating the traditional production technology and decoration techniques of Cizhou kiln. Cizhou ware art porcelain has a strong classical style and distinctive fashion elements.

The Cizhou Ware Museum of Art, which the company invested in, opened in August 2014. The Cizhou Ware Cizhou ware cultural and art centre is a multi-functional centre with Cizhou kiln cultural relics collection, modern exhibits, academic exchanges, demonstrations of Cizhou kiln traditional crafts and interactive ceramic art experience. It is a Cizhou Ware Kong cultural centre and a popular tourist destination for the exhibition of Cizhou ware art, the dissemination of Cizhou ware culture, the gathering of experts and scholars, and the gathering of guests and tourists.