Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Hebei QuanDian Brand Design Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Hebei QuanDian Brand Design Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial design company integrating creativity, design and planning. The company is committed to strengthening enterprise’s brand effect with strong visual impact and in-depth thinking through integrating enterprise spirit, business philosophy and cultural characteristics into its brand design, space design, product design and corporate image. With the view of comprehensive brand design and clients, QuanDian insists on originality, innovation and creativity to inject fresh energy and vitality into the enterprise.

Main Services: brand design, graphic design, space design, exhibition hall design, guidance system design, architectural appearance design, etc.

Main Clients: China Xiongan Group, China Energy, China Resources Group, Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute, Golden Reed Industrial Design Award and other front-line enterprises and groups.

Every day, we look forward to a higher and farther future, as well as redouble our efforts to keep moving forward. Teamwork is the guarantee of success, and focus makes us better. We have an experienced design elite team, as well as new generation forces with youth and energy. The collision of experience and fresh blood will keep pace with the times, and set an industry benchmark in the design field to lead the public aesthetic. Choose QuanDian Brand Design, make your enterprise distinctive and remarkable.