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Ubrau (China) Brewed Beer Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Ubrau (China) Brewed Beer Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and put into operation in 2015 with a registered capital of 52.979455 million yuan. Located in Handan Economic Development Zone, the ancient capital of Yanzhao, Ubrau (China) Brewed Beer Co., Ltd. adheres to the mission of making consumers drink fresh beer at any time, and is committed to building a leading regional multi-industry chain service enterprise of refined and fresh beer in China.

The company's main business includes independent research and development, production and

processing of private brands, customized processing, supply chain services, self-built channels and cooperative channel sales. It is a comprehensive refined beer service enterprise. The whole factory of the company is built according to the garden style factory planning, integrating production, warehousing, logistics, office, tourism, catering, training and communication. Now it has become a leading modern craft beer factory and craft beer museum in China. It can brew American style, German style, British style, Belgian style and other popular beer in the world. The production workshop is designed and built in accordance with EU standards, and the full set of German Krones equipment, which is called “Rolls Royce” level beer equipment, is used as the Asian model factory of Krones Group.