Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Beijing Jingdong Technology (Leting) Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Jingdong Technology has been engaged in the design and manufacture of medical furniture for 38 years.

It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing and a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun. Our company

independently develops and designs, and is committed to providing medical institutions with an overall solution for the configuration of medical furniture in the whole hospital. It is a leading brand in the medical furniture industry. In response to the "One Belt, One Road" call, it was relocated to Laoting Development Zone, Tangshan City in 2016.

Leading nursing carts and smart care medical furniture products, it is the first composite multi-functional nursing cart in China, and it is one of the few national brands in the industry that is exported to Germany, Japan and other manufacturing powerhouses. It is known as an expert in the nursing cart industry.