Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Yeolight Technology Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Yeolight is a Chinese company based on leading organic semiconductor lighting technology (OLED). Yeolight is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of OLED lighting products. Our mission is “Redefine the world of light with technological innovation.”

Our team has more than ten years experience in car lamps and OLED. Yeolight has an advanced OLED production line. Having passed several standards, including ISO9001, QCO80000, and IATF6949 certification, we now have 319 patents and participate in the standard-setting of “Organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting — terminology and letter symbol”.

Our OLED products are provided to Xpeng’s Beta, Hongqi H9, and other automobiles. As we successfully developed the next generation of OLED taillight, Yeolight has become one of the few manufacturers that can produce automobile OLED lighting devices.