Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Jiudingduan Buyan Technology Hebei Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Jiudingduan Co., Ltd. is a professional platform company specializing in the design and development of ecological technology intelligent bags, clothing, scientific and technological cultural innovation, and household soft decoration. Building technology tide smart brand, multi-functional light luxury countries to build "the tide culture fund + sermons institute + immersion + base + full media ecology park yuan commercial universe" five integrated innovation mold company mainly in the ecological business model, fine operation and intelligent building to highlight value, to create immersive lifestyles and consumption scenarios. The multi-purpose hand-made bag with national style and retro features carries out cultural innovation with IP co-naming, and is committed to promoting cross-border co-naming between the brand and other landmark cultural tourism scenic spots. At the same time, in terms of product appearance and cultural implantation, it is taken from brand patterns and museum cultural relics modeling to create museum collection bags that can be carried on the hand to continuously extend cultural and creative products. At present, the company has obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights and trademarks of design products in creative categories such as luggage, clothing and patterns, and has completed the joint application and digital research, development and promotion of national and world-class intangible cultural heritage materials, techniques and scientific and technological environmental protection materials, including homespun fabric, Kesi, Dong Minority cloth, Yun Brocade, Shu Brocade, Jing Embroidery, Long Embroidery, Han Embroidery and Miao Embroidery.