Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Hebei North Jingyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Company profile

Hebei North Jingyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented enterprise which focuses on the industrial design of intelligent equipment appearance and the production of precision sheet metal shell. At present, there are more than 120 employees, 18 industrial designers and 56 technicians. The company has provincial industrial design center. A joint industrial design R&D Center is set up on the university campus.

The company covers an area of 40 acres, with Amada Co (Amada) precision sheet metal production line, intelligent precision sheet metal automation production line and electrostatic spraying line, North Jingyi has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of intelligent numerical control machinery external protection. It has won more than 70 patents. It is a company with foresight and development.