Pioneer Design Experience Pavilion

Future World Pavilion

YAO Chong-Han

Current Light  


The art work Current Light shows the sense of fluidity of time. “Time is the universal rhythm; people always work after its steps.” Current Light is consisted of 90 circle fluorescent lamps, which YAO Chung-Han arranged and reconstituted to display numbers indicating hours, minutes and seconds at the moment. Due to physical characters of fluorescent lamps, it takes more than one second from the moment when the lightings start up to become steady. Therefore, we can see the numbers continuously flicker. It is always too late to completely reveal or we just can not clearly see it before it goes to the next period of time. Through the process, the artist seems to express some kind of messages or indications. There is an organic ambiguity but it keeps the audience wondering and anticipating. 

On-site Pictures