Pioneer Design Experience Pavilion

Technology Symbiosis Experience Pavilion

Tao Yalun

Santa Fe No. 1 (U.S.A.) and EP7 No. 1 (Paris)  


When the audience enters the virtual reality and interactive device, they will see the same space and perspective as the exhibition site of Santa Fe New Media Art Exhibition. The audience can watch freely as if they were in the exhibition space. Then their body will move slowly from the exhibition space to the huge virtual space, and then slowly move back. Audiences will have dreamlike experiences, perceive the extended "time" dimension, and recognize the power of overlapping reality and virtual space.

The exhibition site of EP-7 in Paris has a solid power platform. Visitors are required to stand on the platform and wear VR spectacles to see the same "EP-7" scene as on-site. Later, the black door in the scene of "EP-7" opens slowly. The audience moves slowly from the scene of "EP-7" to the ruins of the corridor of "Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab" in Taipei. The audience can carefully look at every detail in the rubble space, then slowly move back to the scene of "EP-7" and take off the VR glasses and return to the exhibition. 

Through the most popular VR devices, 3D digital images, VR, Unity programs, computers, power devices and other scientific and technological products, artists create a parallel space-time surreal image for the audience, bringing the perfect experience between virtual and reality.

On-site Pictures