Pioneer Design Experience Pavilion

Technology Symbiosis Experience Exhibition Area

Yu Shifu

Angle of Flying and Flying around the Corner


The exhibition featured 2018 new works The Angle of Flying and Flying around the Corner. Displaying machinery, power and equipment products, giving full play to process technology, composite media design, and mechanical device effects, integrating mechanical devices, metal processes, and dynamic mechanisms into a cross-technology design experience, reflecting the creativity and technological symbiosis of industrial design materials.

The inspiration of The Angle of Flying is from the fluttering wings. The work is clear and square since the artist transforms the movement of flying into succinct geometric shapes. Driven by motor, it could spread its wings and fly in the space.

The concept of Flying around the Corner is originated from aircraft propellers of 1930s. The theory of its operation consists of the extra light structure, the spreading wings and the acting forces on the propellers. With the aesthetics of technology, the artist creates the imaginary flying machine. 

On-site Pictures