Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2018

With the theme of “Design Force Brightens the City of the Future”, the first International Industrial Design Week adopts the 1+N model for the world's advanced cities such as London and Milan, and sets up the main venue in Xiongan New Area. Meanwhile, it sets up sub-venues in Shijiazhuang, Langfang and Handan. The main venue held 1 high-end summits, 2 exhibitions, 4 sharing activities, as well as 10 activities including Design Week Launching Ceremony and Keynote Speech, Signing Ceremony of HIDW 2018 Business-Matching Projects, and Design Innovation Tour.

Design Week 2018 adopts the innovative mode of “The Significance of Design”, “The Uniqueness of Design”, “The Soul of Design” and “The Power of Design”, which reflects the deep integration of design and production city, technology, culture, transmission and innovation, empowers the industry new kinetic energy with industrial design, and creates Hebei International Industrial Design Week as a globally influential design event.