Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Exhibition Contents

Nov. 10-13, 2022


The Industrial Design Innovation Achievements Exhibition was displayed in the physical exhibition hall and online design virtual showroom. With a total area of 6000 square meters, the exhibition demonstrated outstanding international design works, original designs of Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Chinese Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, design boutique of the Netherlands, and products of featured industrial clusters in Hebei. Besides, achievements in high-quality development, reliving Beijing's nonessential functions, and BTH Coordinated Development were also demonstrated in the exhibition.

Partner Country Featured Design Exhibition Area

The Dutch Design Delegation comprises CreativeNL (Association) and several Dutch design institutions. This area focuses on innovative design products and brand creativity achievements based on the cutting-edge Dutch design concept in humanized design, social design and other fields. NEXT Architects, INBO, CEBA, Catham. city and other Dutch companies were involved in this exhibition.

Future City Design Exhibition Area

Innovative design products in industrial Internet platforms, future transportation, intelligent homes, and green and livable environment were demonstrated in this area. Exhibitors in this area include SVFACTORY, the Wuhan Industrial design association (WIDA), and other companies as well as institutions.

Overseas and Hongkong, Marco and Chinese Taiwan Excellent Design Exhibition Area

Products of well-known brands and cutting-edge international designs from Italy, the U.K., Korea, Hongkong, Marco, and Chinese Taiwan were shown in this area. Exhibitors include White Whale (Korea), Bentu Culture and Development Co., Ltd. (Britain), CHOISI (Britain), PriestmanGoode (Britain), A Design Award (Italy), Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (Chinese Hongkong), and Taiwan Design Research Institute (Chinese Taiwan). 

Curator Theme Exhibition Area

Curated by British industrial design master Michael Young, with the theme of "Meta-Futurism—Embrace anti-fragile world", it is divided into three areas to show and inspire the influence of design on the future city, society, environment and other fields. More than 30 innovative design works by design institutions in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Chile, and Japan will be displayed.

Domestic Frontier Design Exhibition Area

The exhibits of this area were divided into eight categories: Manufacturing Equipment, Transportation Means, Home Life, Culture and Creativity, Sports and Healthcare, Public Facilities, Information Processing, and Communication Design. The excellent entries of GIDA 2022 were shown from three perspectives: production, life, and environment, to illustrate the charm of creativity and design. 

Hebei Industrial Design Achievement Exhibition Area

Under the theme of “Golden Age,” the Hebei Industrial Design Achievement Exhibition Area focused on the 12 major leading industries and 107 county-level featured industrial clusters. From the perspectives of design enlightenment, product innovation, system construction, industrial layout, prospects, and the BTH Coordinated Development. It summarized and highlighted the innovation achievements, awards and honours, and design cooperation results that Hebei achieved in five years under the guidance of Several Policy Measures to Support the Development of Industrial Design with the assistance of the “HIDW + GIDA” model.

“Wonderful” Xiongan Exhibition Area

This area aims to explore more potentials of the Xiongan New Area and to help with the goal of “building a wonderful city that people long for” through three different themes.

First, we showed Xiongan’s design achievements in ecology, digital twins, intelligent transportation, urban construction, human resource development, and industrial Internet platform.

Second, we set up an area to show the result of relieving Beijing’s nonessential functions. We cooperated with Beijing Jiaotong University, University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Institute of Technology China Satellite Communications Co., Ltd., Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd., and China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., and other universities and centre companies. Through their industrial design projects, achievements in high-quality development, and reliving Beijing’s nonessential functions, BTH Coordinated Development and other aspects were shown.

Third, we collected the newest design and excellent winning entries of the past HIDW and GIDA through four perspectives: accommodation, industry, tourism, and transportation. 

Through the imagination of the future city and achievable innovative design, the future ideal urban life was unfolded.

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