Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition

Exhibition Contents

Oct. 16-19, 2021


The Industrial Design Innovation Achievements Exhibition is composed of On-site Activities, Online Exhibition Hall, the Live Streaming Room and other contents. With a total area of 6000 square meters, the on-site exhibition focuses on outstanding international design works, original products of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China, design boutique of British, local representative enterprises and innovative products of Hebei. HIDW mini program and online 3D exhibition hall have comprehensive E-commerce functions of immersive online exhibition, online interactive communication and online ordering.

Britain (Partner Country) Exhibition Area

The British Industrial Design Association is a design pavilions composed of top British industrial design institutions and well-known architectural design companies, focusing on design innovation products and brand innovation achievements with highly avant-garde British design concepts, humanities, nature and other iconic features. Nearly 20 enterprises including Aston Martin, Ningbo Nortingham University, Pearson Group, Michael Young Studio, Studio 8 Fold Design, Unionsquare Design Company will participate in the exhibition.

Overseas Excellent Design Exhibition Area

Displaying well-known design brand works and international pioneer design products from the UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2020. Overseas organizations and enterprises such as Indeed Design from Germany, DesignUM from Turkey, Creative Capital Design from Italy, Red Dot Design Museum (Xiamen), Hong Kong Design Federation, and Taiwan Design and Research Institute participate in the exhibition.

Future City Design Exhibition Area

Displaying future travel, smart home, new materials, renewable energy, green livable and other areas of urban construction innovative design products, it presents the technological, sustainable, and humane design concepts of future cities. Companies participating in the exhibition including CRRC Tangshan, Jiangxin Design and Bimuan Design.

Curator Theme Exhibition Area

Curated by British industrial design master Michael Young, with the theme of "Harvest Futurescape-Designing and Creating an Era", it is divided into three areas to show and inspire the influence of design on the future city, society, environment and other fields. More than 30 innovative design works by design institutions in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Chile, and Japan will be displayed.

Domestic Frontier Design Exhibition Area

Displaying domestic cutting-edge innovative products in the fields of home appliance audio-visual, smart home, new energy and new materials, smart life, health care, etc. Companies and institutes participating in the exhibition including Goldreed Industrial Design Award and Changhong Decoration. 

Hebei Industrial Design Achievement Exhibition Area

The exhibition area includes 7 pavilions, including Xingtai, Hejian, Baoding, Cangzhou, Dingzhou and Handan, focusing on showing typical cases empowered by industrial design in Hebei, provincial and municipal star products of the Double Hundred Plan, and outstanding industrial clusters in various regions of Hebei. It covers equipment manufacturing, household products, medical equipment, intelligent manufacturing, consumer electronics, cultural creativity and other fields.